Better late than never

By nice is not enough - 27/11/2021 22:59

Today, I had to admit to myself that I’m not attracted to my boyfriend on any level. I agreed to go out with him because he's a nice guy, but the reality is we have absolutely nothing in common. Not to mention, we have the sexual chemistry of a vegan and a bacon cheeseburger. FML
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Leave him. quite apart from everything else, it's not fair to him.


If you're the bacon cheeseburger, message me! If you're the vegan, aw, better luck next time.

Well, there quite a lot of tasty, healthy vegan dishes. And what if she's a cheap, old, overcooked bacon cheeseburger? I'd rather just toss her salad then.

Leave him. quite apart from everything else, it's not fair to him.

No desire in bed means the relationship’s dead …. Or some other pithy comment that I’m too exhausted to come up with. Point being…. If you’re not attracted to him and you have nothing in common, the kindest thing you can do is break it off. It isn’t fair to you and it isn’t fair to him. I’d say that you can likely break up and stay friends but, tbbh, if you have nothing in common there isn’t much hope for that either.

I've done this thinking I could grow to like them and I was just being petty and superficial. In my experience it your not attracted go someone don't try and force it.

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This seems pretty easy. Find a new boyfriend.

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Use him as a silent hump buddy