By Anonymous - 30/06/2011 17:44 - United States

Today, I actually resorted to checking the newspaper obituaries to see where the deceased were employed, just so I can find a job opening. FML
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JustinThunder 8

That's not a terrible idea given the economy.


JustinThunder 8
zachattack112492 4

at the interview- "I've seen one of your employees is dead! can I have his job??"

fthislyfe 22

good idea! u can also hire someone to kill people for u so u can get their jobs

chino627 0

with the economy the way it is that's not a bad idea. op is smart

If your ideas to check the obituaries so you know where there are job openings then we have similar ideas. What a coincidence...

Well OP, you can always work at your local graveyard.

lyndz_20 8

what's wrong with that that's my Monday night

how about when the interviewer asks her that oh so common "So how did you hear about our job opening?" question I always get in my interviews?

KingGeorgeGal 12

Hmm, well in this economy I kinda don't blame you. Good luck OP(:

Or you could try the Internet.....

That1GuyUNo 0

So are you going to apply to be a member of Jackass?

candyland4704 0

One dead man's job is another man's treasure.

Wouldn't most of those people be retired already?

rallets 22

cause only old people die...

Imrussian24 2

uhm no. I know 6 younger people that have died within the past 3 months, and that's just people I know. there's a lot of things that can happen to a person RIP

Imrussian24 2

uhm no. I know 6 younger people that have died within the past 3 months, and that's just people I know. there's a lot of things that can happen to a person RIP

hopelessxdesign 5

I guess you've never heard of sarcasm...

srgsk9 9

And he said most, not all. Usually, those in the obituaries are old. Creative idea on the OP's part though.

And considering op lives in Kansas, there would be more old people. In smaller cities and states there won't be as many young deaths compared to like Chicago where people are getting shot at and getting in a bunch of car wrecks and shizz

what's wrong with #19's comment? give him/her a break...

ReynshineCutting 10

2 you make me miss my car :'( I get to go home in a month and drive it for a week but I miss it sooooo bad.

limblessorphan 4

Well, considering that there are even people who freak out over garden ornaments I guess the chance of people dying before retierements-age gets rather small.

limblessorphan 4

i ment before retirements-age off course. Ah well, there goes my witty comment...

iLove2LoveU 0

20 is a ******* stupid idiot that doesn't know what sarcasm is

Not if they were young and died in an accident.

exactly what I was thinking till I read the comments haha(:

That's not a terrible idea given the economy.

sorry Obama u didn't do anything. healthcare is worse, we are still at war, and you aren't helping our economy.

by that time, they've already filled the spot.

obituaries are usually announced in the paper 2-3 days after, with information on where the funeral is held... so mist likely not.

Dude, that's just called being an asshole

And why is that? She didn't kill them, did she?

who knows... one day some kid might be looking at where you worked so they can take your spot when you die. You don't think that those spots never get replaced when someone dies. If that happened... the world would practically be shut down because of every person that has died in the past.

Show respect for the dead, man, it's almost as if you were waiting for them to die

It's called being recourse-full, dumbass. Would you rather be unemployed?

I'm giving a thumb up just for the AC Milan profile picture. Cassano is a jackass.

zuzupetalsYO 11
Kiwi2499 11

I completely agree. That is really rude to just be going through obituaries just for job openings. I wouldn't want somebody going through my dads death just so they can take his job! How did this get so many negative votes?

BruceIsASoldier 0
BigHoshJosh 0

god bless you for your services

gamegeek42 6

Damn that's a good idea op! way to use your head.