By cheekychimp23 - 24/07/2013 12:03 - United Kingdom

Today, I had to help my constipated dog by squeezing crap out of her butt. This is a daily occurrence. FML
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Just so people know I'm not a terrible dog owner - we have been to the vet numerous times and they told me it happens because her tail was docked too short when she was a puppy! I feed her oil but sadly it does not help. Sigh. Keep squeezing I guess. FML.

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You may need to change the dog food you are feeding her. Just a suggestion. It isn't right she should have that problem.

Dogs and cats tails are part of their spinal cord. When it is docked too short, the spinal cord became a bit mutated and can put pressure on the rectum, making it hard to poop. My cat is a manx so she naturally has to tail. Because on that her rectum is deformed and I have to help her poop sometimes. Two vets have told me that.


You may need to change the dog food you are feeding her. Just a suggestion. It isn't right she should have that problem.

Why don't you disown your child if you have one while you're at it! Right #32?

Give your dog some wet food for a while that should fix the problem

or pumpkin. like canned punkin, not the pie filling, and not too much or it'll give them the runs

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When did the ability to detect sarcasm die..? -_-

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Add laxatives to her food & take her to a vet.

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Increase fluid intake and add some insoluble fiber to the dog's diet. I am sure this would work the same for canines as it does humans.

Wow, thats horrible. I'm not sure if they have laxatives for dogs but you might want to look into it.

Laxatives will not fix the cause. Better change the food first!

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I've used Laxapet for kittens before. They will lick it off your finger because it's so tasty. Or so I hear...

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#56 - is that why you took your time out to reply to my comments? - you know why; it's because I'm worth it!

Every dog has its day..when he does in this case, you will too!;)

How do you help squeeze crap out of you dogs butt? do you like strangle her stomach and hope shit comes out?

Like how one would take tooth paste out?

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Sadly, you sometimes have to work it out with something like a stick. Don't ask me how I know this.

7-You do what is called an "expression" for the dog which is (For those who are sqeeemish, DO NOT READ ON) when you put two fingers on either side of your dog's anal glands and squeeze together, much like popping a pimple but with less pressure applied. Usually it's used if a dog has build-up in their anal sacs and start dragging their butt across the ground or biting around that area, but as in OP's case, it works to help your dog get poop out as well.

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#35- Yep, we did that at the grooming salon I worker at. Nasty.

#35- everyone who has ever worked at a vet/groomer/kennels favorite service. :/

How are you so resigned to this being a daily occurrence? You need to talk to your vet about diet changes.

Take her to the vet asap. A dog shouldnt be constipated everyday. Something is wrong