By daremetobecooler - United States
Today, I saw a letter from Geneseo that invited me to apply to the honors college. Excited, I wrote the required two page essay on how I am organized. I then saw the strict deadline was March 15th. My little brother thought it would be funny to hide my mail. For the past seven weeks. FML
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OP probably doesn't have direct control over the mail if he is living with his parents still. his little brother probably grabbed the mail before anyone if he got home first. Secondly, these are offers coming in, not expected bills.

I don't receive mail where I live except for a few bills. It's easy to miss junk mail or special offers when one is not expecting it.

By  piderman13  |  0

If you're smart enough to get requested to apply you will get in somewhere else. It sucks but you will fine. Try breaking up with a girlfriend you have had for 3 years 2 months because she felt God had convicted her to do it....

  19990231  |  29

Or you could try breaking up with an actual spouse (wife or husband) because you found them sucking dick in your bed. While also having to give half your stuff to them.

  RockyRacoon  |  16

How can you even compare those matters ?!
With that logic, you cannot complain about your girlfriend because some people don't have a roof or enough to eat...