By Noname - 06/03/2009 22:20 - United States

Today, I was at the dentist getting a cavity filled. As she's drilling into my tooth, I feel the drill slip, and then she quickly stuffs gauze into my mouth. She nervously laughs and says to me "Wow! You must really be numb!" FML
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That sucks SO MUCH! I'm so sorry that happened. OMG.

I don't understand the people who say "you deserved this". Why?


That sucks SO MUCH! I'm so sorry that happened. OMG.

PS: A woman wrote this lol the artist made it a guy.. but whatever the comic is still hilarious. =D

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Yeah, I didn't notice the gender of the poster until the illustration was nearly complete. It's not a gender-specific story, so it really doesn't matter. XD Glad you like it!

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Not that I'm complaining, but why does the dentist seem to have a push-up bra on? And why is she wearing a low cut shirt to accentuate it? (once again, not complaining, it's just my dentist is a guy in his mid-sixties who's told me the last three times i've gone in there he didn't realize I had a brother until my brother had an appointment the same week as me.

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the illustration rocks bigtime, even if OP was a woman xD

ForestFire... dude. Its the internet. Titties or gtfo.. thats the general principle regarding them women-folk.

LOVE the art style on this one (and the ******* don't hurt either)!

No wonder the dentist did that! She's a dumb big-breasted bimbo, they're only good for being in the strip clubs, not doing dentist work. Besides, women that are professionals and happen to have big breasts, usually get breast reduction surgery. All women with big breasts that actually want to be taken seriously get breast reduction surgery because of the struggle professional women with big breasts have with oggling men. /end Flame this if you want.

That's probably not the actual dentist. It's a speculation. Get a brain.

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I've seen this fml before but still good picture

Aha, that's great. Well, not for you... but it gave me a laugh.

and? how is this a fml? reading this wasted my time.

I feel as if no dentists know what the hell they're doing. I have had many stupid incidents like that.

#3, the dentist had her drill slip, and the poster's teeth probably got screwed up.

I don't understand the people who say "you deserved this". Why?

I accidentally hit it from time to's called an accident.

"You deserve this for not brushing your teeth 3 times a day"

vikingchick 22

I've gotten a few cavities despite brushing my teeth every day. It sometimes just happens.

"YDI for going to the dentist" but seriously, idk.

#3- Are you kidding? This guy's mouth could be totally screwed! As a former wearer of braces for four years, I can say that everything related to dentists or orthodontists SUCK! I now have concrete proof. Also, I may suggest switching practices? And suing? And like never going there again EVER?

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How did you feel the drill slip if you were numb? brb calling my friend bullshit