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By  Melody_fml  |  0

well he does sound kinda sweet and in a funny sorta way...but i know it would bother me a bit but thats just cause i'm like OOBER insecure. but it sounds like he may of had good intentions ;]

  threer  |  30

No one asked if you're "OOBER insecure".

By  kier31  |  0

Wow. Some people get so emotional about other peoples stories. was dumb boring and ugly really necessary? I don't think so.

you've got yourself a guy with a great sense of humor!

By  katieatieay  |  0

wow, i could not agree more with #5. seriously, i can't stand it when people say stuff like that.
"oh i'm so ugly, i'm so fat, you're so much prettier than me, wah."
i swear next time someone says this to me, i'll tell them they're right.