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Today, I was Skyping with a guy I'm really into. I'm not supposed to Skype at night, so when I heard my mum coming, I minimized the window. She walked in before I could mute my mic and started bitching me out for flushing my tampons down the toilet. FML
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  smokecloud_  |  37

I always flushed mine till I had a horrible backup in my old home. Landlord had a very awkward conversation with me. Now I only flush them in industrial business toilets. Tougher and also not my problem!

  TheMathMajor  |  26

Yeah, they must have added that to the packaging more recently than when I was going through puberty because I read the box very carefully the first time I used a tampon and I've always flushed mine. Even though I know it's bad for plumbing now I still do it out of habit, plus it seems much more sanitary to flush it.

  kirasant  |  19

Good god, what the hell people?! You can't flush those things!

Seriously? "Toilet pipe > vagina pipe"? Unless I'm missing how these things work, they stick in your "vagina pipe". And they stick in your "toilet pipes" too. If they were made to break down in water, they would break down in your "vagina pipe" and you'd have scoop it out. They don't break down! They're made not to break down. Grow up and dispose of your things properly. And no, it's not "new." It's been like that since I was a teenager.

  NeatNit  |  32

One day, sewage and garbage would be combined into a unified fool-proof insta-disposal system. Until that day, don't you DARE mix the two up.

  hippo1234  |  19

I have a dog that can get into anything and everything. I flush tampons. But I don't flush pads. They have plastic on them, and they're easy to wrap up. Tampons really aren't. Plus, why do the cardboard ones say "with flushable applicator" if you can't flush them? I don't flush them in weak plumbing aka RVs or cabins or homes on septic, but I have never had a problem flushing them.

  hippo1234  |  19

I mean, not to be crude, but if toilets can handle massive dumps, they can handle some small fluffy cotton-y stuff. Don't flush the plastic applicators, obviously.

  nnnope  |  26

the amount of ignorance in this thread is overwhelming. don't flush tampons, the end. there is /no/ excuse for it. I mean unless you WANT to back up your septic system... in which case, keep up the good work. -_-

also, #65, your massive dumps break down. tampons do not.

  jisaac09  |  25

@64, If it has a flushable applicator, the applicator can be flushed. That doesn't mean everything can.

That is like thinking you can consume the water bottle because the water is potable.

  interesting33  |  36

I get not flushing pads but if a tampon has been used it is already full" (though that does depend on flow etc. as you should still change them regularly) but they don't expand that much.

  Plywoodman  |  3

It all depends on the plumbing and how old it is. Old cast iron pipes that were used EVERYWHERE a few decades ago have this thing. They rust and corrode. Starting on the inside and so they have a tendency to shrink. We own several apartment buildings and have had to re-plumb the piping when the what used to be 2-4" pipes shrank on the inside to less than an inch at some spots. In addition- strings and the like can get caught on corrosion in the pipes. Use too much toilet paper and it gets stuck as well but at least toilet paper is made to disintegrate with water. Don't flush tampons ladies. We had a tenant once who did it, even after we fixed the issue blockage and spoke to them about it. The blockages reoccurred. So they got to deal with a plumbing charge on the next several times it happened til the couple split up and had to break the lease. It's nasty to us who fix the issue and we will ALL give uncomfortable discussions if you get in trouble. Count on it.


People. This has nothing to do with the state/quality of your pipes. They clog up the septic tank AFTER they go through the pipes. This means that no matter how fucking shiny and amazing your pipes are, if you flush tampons, they will remain in your septic tank for YEARS.

  geeksaresexy  |  18

What is this 'septic tank' you speak of? Seriously though, you make it sound like every single house has one, hardly anyone here has a septic tank so it has EVERYTHING to do with the quality of your plumping. It's not a good idea to flush them though.


#64 A dog is no excuse for laziness. If they are stealing your pads and tampons out of the bin it might be time to put your bins up high, close the door when you are done, or install some baby gates to keep them out of specific area's in your house. I know that dogs also like to steal dirty underwear and eat the middle out of them. Do you flush those too? I doubt it. This is why we invent precautionary measures.

  OscarEcho  |  12

DON'T flush tampons. Our (ex) basement tenant did that, and we ended up with the whole hardwood floor floating on top of what turned out to be 50 gallons of poo (the previous owner had put plastic between the hardwood and the floor base, so the smell was contained). The plumber had to shuffle the liquid human waste into buckets and take it away. Had to remove the floor and the lower half of the walls, and put a drying fan to work for two months before rebuilding the appartment. The tampons clogging the pipes had expanded to the size of tennis balls. No drain system is made for that!

By  colton_colton  |  49

So what would you do differently next time?

By  lochiamochia  |  25

Is this the same OP whose mom updated her Facebook status to "my daughter is on her rag and won't shut up #annoyingbitch?"

Maybe she heard you Skyping too loud.

  nana_star  |  27

Just because there's an option to comment doesn't mean that you should, every single time. Read the funny comments till you think of something witty