By mutantprincess - 12/01/2016 10:48 - Australia

Today, after waking up to find a large spider outside my bedroom door and screaming, waking up my mum to kill it, she then sprayed it and went to pick it up. She then informed me it was made of plastic. My cat had got into the Halloween decorations from the spare room and decided to play. FML
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Can never be too safe. At least you didn't skip to burning your house down right away


I also never deal with spiders on my own.

I probably would have had a heart attack, I hate spiders *shudders*

Can never be too safe. At least you didn't skip to burning your house down right away

To get the cat back, OP needs to put Pop Rocks into the litter box!

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What a mischievous pussycat!!

Are bug sprays effective, though? I sprayed a [small] spider till I was choking on the gas a week back, but it was still alive and kicking. I guess it varies, depending on the spray and probably even the spider, but does it work well in general?

#13 you forgot the part where you spray with hairspray while simultaneously holding a lighter up to it

#13 - I don't normally use hairspray, though, so that isn't an option.

In my experience, the hairspray works better with spiders than regular bug spray. Bug spray poisons their nervous systems, rather slowly. Hairspray suffocates them, which is much faster.

How about not killing it and just taking it outside if it bothers you? I'm pretty scared of spiders myself, but that's no reason to be cruel to them. Nobody wants to suffocate, be poisoned or something disgusting like that.

Someone mentioned the OP was in Australia. If it was a different country sure you wouldn't want to hurt the spider but everything is poisonous there so you wouldn't want to touch a spider.

Get a stuffed dingo and scare the crap out of your cat!

I was gonna comment that you should have noticed the spider was motionless, but I probably would have been freaked out to the point that I would glance over that too. I hate spiders!

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I would have too lol. Those thing look real when caught off guard. I threw my daughter's away because she kept leaving it in random places and I thought it was real every time for a second lol