By Brian - 26/10/2009 04:25 - United States

Today, I saw an article that Burger King is selling a whopper with seven patties in celebration of the Windows Seven release. Upon reading this, I immediately got an extremely forceful erection. I think this is a sign to stop putting off that diet. FML
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Lmao WTF is an "extremely forceful erection"? Did you JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS? lol

Turned on by a burger?


I think this was really submitted by the one and only Didier in disguise.

biologically possible and normal, so the kiddies should stop telling him to get a girl because some guy had a hard on cuz he was excited by something

dont worry, it gave me an erection too lol

Number 1 roflcopa' wtf dude how? Just how?

Turned on by a burger?


where'd you get tht profile pic? I want it!

pu13 5

it's trogdor the most epic dragon ever

Lmao WTF is an "extremely forceful erection"? Did you JIZZ IN YOUR PANTS? lol

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No, this is a sign that your penis is flimst unless food is near, that or you just need a girl

No way 7 patties? life in the u.s is so great

You mean Japan....

perdix 29

You have to go to Japan to get it. The two things I love in life are food and sex. I should count myself lucky that I have a clear dividing line between the two, otherwise I couldn't eat a hot dog. And when I have sex, I am not thinking about pie of any other flavor than hair. The good news, Brian, is that a 7 patty Whopper is still cheaper than a Viagra prescription.

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Actually, I think it's a sign that you need to get yourself a girl......