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I would have made that kid actually have a need to use it.

security guards wont do shit, next time get a police officer


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You're a disgusting piece of shit.

# 1 your a piece of sh*t , that's not nice !

Im OP and i found this a little funny, so get off his back, it was a joke

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Yeah, guys! He has a Doctor Who profile pic, that just makes him like 90% more uncool.


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who wants to ride me?

Should have admitted to being a guy, you just made your case about 50x worse.

Her user name is "rachel!" How could you all think that was a guy?

I hate 'geez'. Unless you're referring to the language Ge'ez it should not be in your vocabulary. grandma effin posted this....I'll be damned

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See, this is why I go with the unabridged versions: geez-o-Pete, geezum crow, or Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ on a cracker. By the way, you're a pedant.

Hatey, are you saying that Gore likes to have sex with pubescent ants?

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin' (please no super monkey jokes). And they're not the only vermin! I heard a rumor that she may also be a pederats.

Heaven help us with all these sodomites coming out of the woodworks.

Can you hear me now? good

geeeez I feel really bad for Op and then here comes Yarrachel being a real big fat meanie!

Doctor who rules jackass. Come on man.

I know it kinda hurtful but I got a crack out of it reminds me of a pic another fmler uses of a dog in another dogs ass with that typed. to #1 btw lol also to op sry that guard is an asshole that is unprofessional like in our business. Hope you complained. I understand in that situation not much you can do but still his wording way off lol.

I would have made that kid actually have a need to use it.

What is that even supposed to mean?

He meant that he would've beat him up

I can't believe how fucking clever you all are over here.

that was really dumb

Actually, it wasn't.

security guards wont do shit, next time get a police officer

or don't let a kid reach your face

That's not true. Not all security guards are fat lazy fucks. Im a guard and make about three arrests a day on average, I'm so sick of that stereotype when I work my ass off at pay far lower than what it should be.

Your lip reading was WAY off. He actually said, "Ryan Yeti through thin a with owl it." Lrn2lip read.

My brotha is you serious?

Duh bro hez mad serius....

he be crazy serious brotha!

I favourited simply because of this thread, brotha.

Fo real, yo.

That secrity guard is mean and rude he should b fired

That sucks, brah.

damn where'd u get them honkers girl? can I lick them?;)

^BO.OBIES! kidding see a lot of those at my school nothing special.

The question is who can get some?

I want to know what they said lol

#105, they could have been commenting on the looks of #9. It happens a lot.

haha same here 105 same here

we commented on her watermelons

Damn terrorist these days, instead of killing people they just mentally torture them. What a sad way to go...

lol, soumds like it was a deafdefying situation! xD

Given his response, I presume the security guard was at your school. Clearly, you needed to go to the school office for help.

they treat me like a special ed kid there because i need a magnet to hear. my parents try to explain that im like everyone else, but their deaf too without an implant so they're taken even less seriously. we deaf get no respect

aww I'm sorry my sister is deaf and she goes to school for it and she's 3 so I'm pretty sure she doesn't have any problems with school yet

I went to school with a deaf girl and we managed to turn one of her old transmitters into a mp3 hookup. it was a lot of fun and she's a cool chick.

f*uck them both!!!