By Anonymous - United States
Today, a kid grabbed the receiver to my cochlear implant and ran off with it. I went to a security guard, and, if my lip reading was accurate, he said to "try and make it through the day without it". Without it, I can't hear anything. FML
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By  Yarrachel  |  16

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  Mortoli  |  30

I know it kinda hurtful but I got a crack out of it reminds me of a pic another fmler uses of a dog in another dogs ass with that typed. to #1 btw lol also to op sry that guard is an asshole that is unprofessional like in our business. Hope you complained. I understand in that situation not much you can do but still his wording way off lol.

  DigitalFusion  |  4

That's not true. Not all security guards are fat lazy fucks. Im a guard and make about three arrests a day on average, I'm so sick of that stereotype when I work my ass off at pay far lower than what it should be.

  Lady_Zydrate  |  1

they treat me like a special ed kid there because i need a magnet to hear. my parents try to explain that im like everyone else, but their deaf too without an implant so they're taken even less seriously. we deaf get no respect

  duma191  |  21

I went to school with a deaf girl and we managed to turn one of her old transmitters into a mp3 hookup. it was a lot of fun and she's a cool chick.