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Today, I sat through an incredibly long and tedious class lecture. Just as my professor was nearing the end of his lecture, the resident stoner loudly yawned and asked what we'd been talking about for the past hour. We got to hear most of the lecture all over again. FML
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Take advantage of being a college student - you can come and go as you please!

He repeats things for emphasis! EMPHASIS!!


Take advantage of being a college student - you can come and go as you please!

Right?! Take a page out of the resident stoner's handbook and smoke before class no stress no fml.

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For my school if you miss more than 2 classes the professor has the right to withdraw you from the course, and most will

Is that a high school or something... College students need to learn self control, time management and prioritizing, not a system to help you regulate these stuff.

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You are able to leave without repercussion unless you have financial aid. Since there paying you to go you have to go or they'll bill you. My teacher is awful if I even try to leave early, she makes a snide comment and make me feel bad. I can't always stay and listen to her stupid personal stories for 4 hours.

Wow really?? Mine is 4.... But if you leave in the middle of class you've already got attendance

I think it's rude to leave before the class is over, unless you talked to your prof beforehand. Not cutting out early is a matter of respect towards your prof. I went to a medium sized liberal arts school and we didn't have giant lecture halls. My biggest class probably had 35 students. It was obvious if you left early.

Uhhhh, what are you complaining about again?

Anyone else feel like #2 was making a sarcastic joke?

Well, sure sounds boring but you will definitely remember it better this way. Plus, you can always accompany the stoner for a quick smoke outside afterwards :P

I'm all for the liberation of cannibis and everything, but it does you no good whatsoever if you're trying to succeed in college. What's the point of paying the thousands of dollars to sit through a lecture and not absorb any information?

It's been shown in differnt studies that you actually only take in about 15 minutes of lectures..

Back in my first year of college, I smoked a massive amount of pot. I was also on the deans list. People stone cold sober fail, and some ace the course. Some stoners fail, some are top students. It has to do with your motivation and drive to succeeded. (I quit smoking after first semester so I could get pregnant that fall)

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I agree with 22. There was a girl in my high school who was stoned almost every class of every day, and she passed every class with merit. I think maybe it depends on the intelligence of the stoner when sober. If you're smart before, chances are it'll work out well. If you're of lower than average intelligence, of course it's going to hinder you slightly.

People are so ignorant about the effects marijuana has on you. It doesn't make you brain dead or unable to think. You can still function 100%. I don't smoke any more but I hate it when people act like weed is some hard drug that makes a person incapable of thinking.

Should have only paid attention the first time.

He repeats things for emphasis! EMPHASIS!!

Now I'm wondering what this comment was...

If it is a boring subject, take advantage of the repeated lecture to see if you remember it better!

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you should be happy about that! There are many things I wish. could re-hear in class but ny teachers don't bother with it. Be glad, atheist it implants that into your memory even more than way you know the material for sure.

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I had to read this comment a few times before it made some sense

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It's still not making sense to me D:

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U should be happy. There are many things I wish I could re-hear in class but my teachers don't bother repeating themselves. So be glad, at least the repetition implants the topic into your memory even more so now you'll know the material for sure. Yes. Hers was very confusing but this is it basically, from what I gather.

sofitina 20

yeah, I completely apologize. Autocorrect really did not want this comment published. I tried to fix it afterwards but it wouldn't let me. Sorry :c

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What's the problem? You got the review session for free. Haven't you ever seen the Teletubbies? You need to say everything twice for the info to sink in.

I've been hearing the 10,000 hour theory a lot lately. You have to practice 10,000 hours of something before you're truly proficient. Personally I think 10,000 hours of nonsense and basic math is too much for everyone but the stoniest in the telutubbies area ;). Depending on the lecture though, twice just drives the point home to you, I agree.

Next time, ask him to demo his skills at the Harlem Shuffle!