Gun nut

By missbrit - 04/02/2011 07:59 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend got a new rifle. He forced me to watch him stripping it, oiling it, and sliding things into its barrel. We then watched 'Enemy at the Gates'. I basically endured 4 hours of gun porn. FML
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perdix 29

You're just jealous that it wasn't you getting stripped, oiled and having things slid into your "barrel."


whoisthisgirl 4

well... do something about it lol idk what you would do but yeah..

iSitt 0

It's his revenge for when he had to listen to your gossip then watch a chickflick with you.

There's some excellent gun/hunting fairs in Staffordshire. :D Went a few months ago, pretty awesome shit, plenty of beer, petting zoos for the kids and plenty of big boy toys like guns, vehicles and bows. :)) Bet his gun license cost him a bit though and the gun itself. :O

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Takador 3

OP why dont u be like a gun, one **** and u blow! :D

You know op, 13? Or are you simply generalizing.

1 - That's puntasti---awful. OP - Giggity boom. (or bow-chicka-POW-POW)

ContactSparrows 0

trying having a fiance in the army. haha. happens to me allll the time.

lacejane 0

yep mines in the army too and we endure it for years not four hours lol!

I'm sure they have to endure worse. like whining all the time about it.

Taradactyl_2011 0

yea mines in the army to... when he starts rambling about it, I take a piece of clothing off and he stops talking and is all over me ;)

#56 on behalf of soldiers everywhere I "salute" you!

at least he didn't oil his gun while you two were doin it

abi96 0

Let's hope he doesn't go postal and starts shooting up the place.

Freaknik was awesome. Love your profile picture.

Mokiikom_fml 8

The percentage of people with access to guns who do that is tiny. People go on murdering rampages with knives, cars, anything they can use to kill someone else, but no one is trying to ban cars and kitchen knives, huh? Not everybody who has a gun is a maniac. Saying they are is the same as saying anyone with a car is a drunk driver. Only a few douches are.

usmcUSA 0

don't bother bitch you won't make it

I can tell you don't bother with the English language. Good for you for recognizing your shortcomings and giving up.

megapeyt 17

5, I don't have time to fight now I just want you to know, you're an absolute moron..

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theten_fml 9

yeah he took the gun apart a put the barrel to her head

Seriously he forced you? Grow a pair and do your own thing while he does all that. ******* moron.

YDI for being a typical girl that's not into guns.

ok so he has a hobby, nothing wrong with that. Maybe you should go to a gun range with him and see what it's all about. Let's face it we woman sometimes "force" our significant others to do or watch things only we are interested in. It's only fair to take turns and share in each others interests. Now if things start getting disturbing then I would be worried.

Thank you. It's rare that I find a woman who would admit that guys get the short end of the stick because women want it to be all about them. Again, thank you. And if OP doesn't want her guy to have a hobby, I feel sorry for him. Poor guy is going out with a control freak.

BananaPancakesJJ 0

lol i dont know why I'm amazing but thank you :)