By Anonymous - 22/02/2014 02:47 - United States - Irvine

Today, I was at the mall with a couple of friends when we saw a couple of cute boys. I made eye contact with the cutest one. Flustered, I giggled, only to send a wad of snot flying out of my nose. FML
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I think OP 'nose' that it's not very flattering.

some random comment about you guys being nosy in all of this...still trying to make sense of it . Smells like failure to me. ;(

You must be a hardcore giggler! I've never managed that.

arandomusernameaa 20

Not exactly a way to look attractive though...

Is it me or do bad things only happen around attractive people?

Agree ....lucky is not my middle name....wait what ??!

No its just you never hear, " farted infront of this guy who looked like he had been hit by a train. Fml"

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It could have been worse, at least you didn't... nah, that was really bad. FYL!

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That snot good I hope he nose that it wad an accident

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Your profile picture..I'm drawing it atm for my art project o.O

-Has joined random chatroom #21067978. -Talal: art project ! wow !! what else have been going on in your life mate ?