By NeverDrinkingAgain - 09/12/2010 12:31 - Canada

Today, I learned that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. This includes my one night stand who turned up outside my front door with a suitcase in her hand. FML
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meganasoarus 0

isn't anyone wondering why he gave her his address?


tweak111 0

lmao & gross! OP please say you put a condom on before getting it on w/a stranger, who could've once been a man for all you know, while in Vegas of all places! Damn, why don't you go walk around barefoot in a methadone clinic while you're at it!

fakeaccountX 6

I hope herpes didn't come with her as well.

Could have been a black-jack dealer or something- no necessarily someone dirty. He said it was a one night stand, not a hooker

ha, sounds like something from the 70s show! minus pregnancy, add marridge.

I married a hooker! How dare you, She's a nice lady!

then i realized I'm missing a tooth have a baby with me and I married a *****...

how do u know the op is not a woman? hmm...?

122 if u didnt read correctly u missed the last quote saying "in HER hands" btw if op had it off in vegas how did the chick find out where he lives unless he told which would be unlikely

Fatguy- she could have looked at his drivers license?

persianjr1 7

118 Hangover? Have you ever seen it cause you would get it if you did

ZeeBest86 6

that's mean...but really is that pic supposed to creep ppl out?

MasterE56 4

haha that picture is scary as f***!

VinegarStrokes 0

How the **** did she know where you live!? That's kinda scary man... And yeah Payton they're all referring to you... I whole heartedly agree, as well. You should either change your picture or just get a new face all together. I think the former may be the way to go on this one.

well either she changed her pic, or it looks just fine. I like it, and she does look cute. ^_^

Autoshot 9

<< can't say nuthin bad about the angel in my pic.

Bees_fml 0

Sucks that a night stand showed up at your house. Hyphens are your friends.

not when you get it in vegas. true story.

PlastikSeraph 2

What do you think the suitcase is for?!

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now lets all sit and wait for someone to reference to The Hangover

Autoshot 9

Tell her "Too-da loo, mutha fuckaaaaah" as you slowly close the door.

MrsLender_fml 3

Did she bring baby Carlos with her as well?! Didn't want you to sit around and wait too long, there. (:

luvdacowboys 0

hahahaa78."too-da loo muthafuckaaaaah" lovvve<3

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When you find someone else with herpes. HPV, and other incurable STDs, it's like a match made in heaven. This isn't an FML, it's the best day of your life because you found your soulmate!

If he says it again, he'll get re-moderated, Jose. You really want to put him through that emotional turmoil? I think not.

I got moderated and didn't say anything half as bad as most people say on this site.

Someone has themselves a new stalker!! Hahaha! Lucky you!

smokeymcpottt 3

Was the suitcase full of herpes?

meganasoarus 0

isn't anyone wondering why he gave her his address?

well I wasn't untilled now, but now that you mention it, who gives a one night stand they pick up in Vegas their address? a dumb arse, that's who.....a dumb arse or a liar ;)

Maybe he took her back to his place for the night.

Orrr... paid the hooker with a check! Lol!

meganasoarus 0

he lives in Canada. that would be an expensive one night stand.

Ahhh... I see it now! good point! WTF!?!

It's the age of the internet, people! He might have mentioned his name and where he was from to her. That's pretty much all she needed.

I was but I figured she peeked his drivers license or stole a business card

meganasoarus 0

lol I know, pennies! ridiculous.

a stalker never got the address, he finds it....

brownsugarbear 1

I was, actually. bet they got married.