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lmao & gross! OP please say you put a condom on before getting it on w/a stranger, who could've once been a man for all you know, while in Vegas of all places! Damn, why don't you go walk around barefoot in a methadone clinic while you're at it!

  FatGuyLover  |  0

122 if u didnt read correctly u missed the last quote saying "in HER hands"
btw if op had it off in vegas how did the chick find out where he lives unless he told which would be unlikely


How the fuck did she know where you live!? That's kinda scary man... And yeah Payton they're all referring to you... I whole heartedly agree, as well. You should either change your picture or just get a new face all together. I think the former may be the way to go on this one.

By  knibbsy  |  4

When you find someone else with herpes. HPV, and other incurable STDs, it's like a match made in heaven. This isn't an FML, it's the best day of your life because you found your soulmate!

  pennies_lane  |  6

well I wasn't untilled now, but now that you mention it, who gives a one night stand they pick up in Vegas their address? a dumb arse, that's who.....a dumb arse or a liar ;)