By OutOfTheCloset - 02/06/2012 06:50 - United States - Clifton

Today, I came out of the closet. I came out on Facebook to spare myself awkward conversations and gossip. I wrote a deeply meaningful status about my partner and my pride in who I was. The only responses were, "Lol", "Hacked", and similar remarks. FML
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bjoernabee 1

Whats with people and against gays? Seriously. It just gives us guys a better chance of finding a girl :D But yeah, FYL

klovemachine 24

Should have done it in person. No possibility of hacking that way (or people saying lol hacked)


klovemachine 24

Should have done it in person. No possibility of hacking that way (or people saying lol hacked)

Anddddddd you live in Texas! Only steers and.... Yeah...... Anyways. How's the weather in the big TX?... O_O

kiran_fml 5

19 what does that have to do with anything?

#26 Homosexuality was illegal until the year 2003 in Texas, and it is a very strong Christian state. Go figure.

aaahhhfire21 0

Don't worry 19 I'll finish that only steers and queers are from Texas private joker

Texas could kick y'all's states asses anyday. And I'm sorry for the ****** up grammar, I have to clue how to say that.

You don't have to be an ass about it!! Homophobic people make me so mad. I'm not a lesbian but I hate when people are rude to other people because they are gay. It's their choice and none of your business. If you don't agree with their choice then fine but don't be rude.

dominic1221 6

Angel, your heart's in the right place, but they don't choose anything - they're born that way. The whole idea of choice being part of it was an invention of homophobes to give a justification for their immoral, childish hatred, same sort of thing lots of tyrants have done to justify genocide in the past. It's nice to see fellow humanists here though. :)

#19 The weather is fantastically hot as always. And I don't agree with the act of homosexuality but I don't scream at every gay person I see. Just don't show me you're gay at every chance possible. It's sort of like an eye for an eye. Y'all leave me alone, I'll leave y'all alone.

grace12898 0

Well, this is quite a sad FML and I send sympathy

#86- Irony is a funny thing, isn't it? :)

My parents are homophobic, they always make fun of gay/lesbian people. But I on the other hand don't mind them at all

bjoernabee 1

Whats with people and against gays? Seriously. It just gives us guys a better chance of finding a girl :D But yeah, FYL

alstbv12 13

Seriously! I lived with a gay guy for a year and he always brought his hot girl friends over!

Where does it say anyone is against gays? It's pretty common for people to leave their Facebook open and have a tricky friend leave posts about coming out. OP was obviously hiding the fact that he's gay pretty well so people assumed it was a joke.

siickman 7

Yea but some play a joke back and say I KNEW IT lolol

^your bio is ridiculous. I'm torn between laughing at how hilariously idiotic it is, or being disturbed by you.

52, I read your bio because of what 61 said and all I can say is.. Really? I mean really? Very classy.

I did the same as above and.... Really? Lol people who fail in the "looks department" are supposed to make up for it in personality! You fail at life little man!

tony1891 22

something's are not meant to be shared on Facebook. this being one of them.

Worse things have been shared on Facebook. Take a look at lamebook dot com

Some things are meant to be used with correct word usage.

1crabbygirl 10
1crabbygirl 10

I can understand only wanting to do it once. Don't judge until you are in the situation.

Kefka91 15

5 - Well Facebook can actually be a good way to completely come out to all, but it's definitely recommended to come out in person to close friends and family before facebooking it. source: experience ;)

This makes you look like an attention ***** OP... Maybe it is just your generation, but documenting every thought on Facebook and Twitter may not be the best way to share some significant news...

Honestly, that was to be expected. Whenever a guy forgets to log out of his facebook account, public coming-out-of-the-closet posts are posted. Just wait for the buzz to wear off, and tell people again, preferably in person.

Or he could have posted a webcam picture of himself with the post to prove he's not hacked

I don't think that will convince them that it is him.

He probably would have gotten a lot of hurtful comments for pasting a video. Better to just do it in person and not deal with all the losers on fb.

zuzupetalsYO 11

Why don't you live your life out in the open. They will figure it out. It's no body's business who you are with anyway. Screw those stupid homophobes if they can't deal with it.

If you're proud of who you are, you may not care about those comments

It's still kinda insulting when people laugh at your homosexuality, ya know?

I'd have done it in person, I know it takes a lot but ultimately shows your strength

Only 3% of people who come out on Facebook are actually gay. The rest forgot to log out.

RamenForTheWin 10

Did you know that 76% of online percentages not available in a scientific or medical journal are made up on the spot?

KiddNYC1O 20

The more you know... *DING*

Maybe Facebook wasn't the BEST way of coming out...but at least you're finally open about it which is perfectly okay.

Darkmagic666 9

That sucks I had a hard time coming out to my family, but it's best to do it in person and even if they don't accept it right away they will eventually. My family loves me just the same, and I hope the same happens for you.