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Today, my mom threw away a bag of tiny parts belonging to a $1,700 robot. Naturally, I figured this out at midnight and had to spend 30 minutes digging through three nasty trashcans overflowing with rotten food and spiders. The bag was dripping with what looked like cheese by the time I found it. FML
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This is my first FML, so I'm actually really surprised that it got posted. I collect robots and the robot in question is a robotic dog called a Genibo SD which I was partially disassembling to replace its battery at the time. I had to go searching for the parts immediately since that night was trash night and if I had waited until morning, they would have been long gone. I did leave the bag sitting on a table where I had been working, but it was next to a bunch of screwdrivers so I didn't think it would be mistaken for trash (though I admit it was partially my fault for not moving the bag somewhere safer). I'm not upset with my mom, she's a great person and had no way of knowing that the parts were important. Aha, I obviously don't enjoy tearing through trash bags in the middle of the night, but it was definitely a better outcome than if the parts had been taken away by the dump truck.

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I hate it when parents throw things away without asking

At least you found it, good luck making the robot!


At least you found it, good luck making the robot!

Now your robot is cheese scented :) mmm she did you a favor!

I guess you could say she did him... A flavor

I hate it when parents throw things away without asking

my mom donated my whole Pokemon collection away without asking or telling me :'( childhood trauma right there

yeah they keep throwing away everything they think that is not needed

That is so heart breaking, #5! Hopefully you don't have 100s of hours saved on those.

I had my pokemon cards in a binder. Among them was a Charizard card. You know, the first generation Charizard card from when Pokemon first came out. Haven't seen it in years. I think my mom might have thrown it away. :(

I didn't play/collect Pokemon, but I had nine folders of Magic the Gathering cards collected over 10 years of playing... I stored them at my parents' place since my own apartment is so tiny... Of course my parents gave them to some dude my dad knew from work whose kid "really got into this silly expensive card game." ... I hope he/she knew what the Moxies were worth and rejoiced instead of threw the "old dusty cards" out.

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As some one who just got into mtg. The horror. Only nice expensive ones are in binders. And classic old cards can be worth a ton. The unlimited has some at $600+

A friend of mine paid the deposit on his house by selling his magic the gathering cards.

I agree that I hate when parents throw things away. However with that said and in the parents defence. Most parents don't resort to throwing out their kids stuff unless they have asked them many times to clean something. For example my cousin is 17-18 and has been leaving his room like a disaster zone every day he goes to work. Clothes covering the floor, dirty dishes etc. his mom does daycare at home (to pay the bills and he doesn't pay rent) and needs to put a child down in a playpen to nap in his room while he's gone. She asks him a multitude of times to clean it and he never does so eventually she goes in and throws everything into garbage bags then leaves the garbage bags in the basement (which is just taking up space in her house). If he just cleaned up his room when she asked (or after the 3rd time even) then none of that would happen. I think some parents throw things out when their kid has been asked numerous times to clean it up and they don't. Sucks still, but the kid could've just cleaned it up. And then of course there are the other parents that just do things for no reason.

That will be one smelly robot when ur done building it.

Lets just hope it was cheese for your sanity.

Are you retarded? Where do you expect op to put it?

Probably away in the proper spot and not on the dining room table or across the floor of their bedroom when the parent possibly asked them to clean it up 5 times. It's not ok that it was thrown out but if it was lying around in a mess when the parent asked them to clean it up then that isn't ok either.

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Still it's a $1,700 robot, not a dirty napkin. The mother should have asked before dumping the parts.

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I hate when my mom goes through and throws away whatever she feels I don't need. At least you found the parts though!

haha you live with your mam, thats sooo lameeeee... *looks around and mutters toself* "i need to tell my mam to bring my dinner to my room so i can play destiny..."

Well, personally, I have to give you credit for being original and at least putting in more effort than those who use the same tired old jokes like, "sounds like a shitty situation," "you've got to be kitten me," "I hope you mean ex boy/girlfriend," "doesn't matter had sex," and "still a better love story than Twilight." In my book, your comment is a step above those, so you're welcome. :)

you are the nicest person i have met on here. thank you :D

Ahh mothers version of tidying your room, "I don't know what this is so it must be useless". Been there, mine threw away a set of wooden puzzles I had made for resistant materials (shop class in America) because she didn't know what all the "strange shaped pieces" were for. My boyfriends mother threw out collectible miniatures (toy soldiers) worth about a grand.