By Anonymous - 04/11/2010 15:04 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of two years dumped me, because I'd changed too much for her to bear, and I was breaking her heart. How did I change? I got braces. FML
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So she'd rather have someone with jacked up teeth than someone who's getting the problem corrected? I think you may have dodged a bullet here.

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If she's that shallow then you can do better OP.



Not cool! I'm getting braces and I'm a female of 19.

Well. Braces suck, but they're worth the outcome! a current owner of braces :( FYL indeed, that's a stupid reason for her to dump you.

I think braces are adorable on girls. <3

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Your girlfriend was upset OP because now you can't go down on her.

KingDingALing 9

Unless he's into some extra kinky shit that involves rubbing his teeth on her ******, then I don't see how braces can get in the way while you eat a girl out.

braces are a deal breaker. no one wants to go out with a brace face. sorry to all those people who gave braces but you will all have the social life of a recluse until they are removed

I'd actually prefer a guy with braces. At least he's going to have an amazing smile afterwards. No one wants to have to look at a messed up mouth every day for the rest of their lives.

Ok, am I the only one that noticed he said "too much to BEAR"?! I think you mean BARE, op. Maybe your gf dumped you because you're a retard.. with braces..

Ya, braces don't make that big of a difference for me, I've made out with someone with braces and never felt them, plus they are way better than nasty teeth

YDI. Even though it sucks, you're better off without her. She just revealed she's just a superficial bitch who only dates "hot" guys because they're "hot". If she'd been supportive, she'd accepted you for who you are and not for how you look.

no, actually it's bare. bear is an animal.

johnnyexpl0sion #69/76 - You're wrong. Look it up before you call people out.

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I agree with therealfamguy. braces spelled doom all over your life. also johnnyexplosion: bear is a VERB. don't we all love it when grammar nazi FAILED??

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fyl for the braces alone. Those sucked Maybe you were literally breaking her face? Kissing with braces is no fun

actually kissing with braces isn't very different and it doesn't hurt...not unless your trying to hurt urself

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Braces are a pedophiles best friend Hello little boy

did she say it was the braces or are u assuming?


Eww yuck! Double post. Might as well make a smart comment. Ahem! OP you should 'let her go'. She is not good for you, man. She is in love with the idea of been in love, not of you. She probably has you to make her friends jealous or something.

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What happened to the smart comment you were going to make?

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If she's that shallow then you can do better OP.

Shallow or can't find a valid reason for a breakup

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You don't need her if she's going to freak out over that.

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invisalign sucks you have to take them out when you eat but you can only have them out for a certain amount of time.

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Those don't work for everyone. You need to wear them longer. They cost twice as much and the plastic makes you look like you have a nasty butter film on your teeth. Clear braces are the best way to go.

I have clear braces! at my ortho they use inviline as a retainer option.Clear braces are an additional 400 adedd to the total costs.But they are sooooo worth it.

aww she sucks, OP. :O you deserve much better than her.


What is she 12? I bet she is, you pedophile! Jk 

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I have braces, they are not a big deal.

I hated braces and I find that horrible on people (I'm not saying that what the Girlfriend of the OP done was good) but FYL OP (but don't worry she is stupid(your girlfriend))