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Today, I received an "I miss you" text from my ex of 4 months, who I still love dearly and would give anything to get back together with. Yesterday, I slept with his best friend, convinced I'd never hear from my ex again. FML
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Why would you sleep with the best friend of a person you "love dearly"

You should probably tell your ex that his "best friend" is a back stabbing piece of shit. I voted YDI, by the way.


You should probably tell your ex that his "best friend" is a back stabbing piece of shit. I voted YDI, by the way.

His best friend isn't a back-stabber, she's his ex.

Exactly. You don't just sleep with your best friends ex. This is like Bro code 101.... One never breaks the code. Especially if he's still into her.

Why would you sleep with the best friend of a person you "love dearly"

You couldn't have loved him that much if you hooked up with his best friend. That's really not respectful, regardless if you were ever going to get back together or not. It was extremely hurtful of both you and his friend. You're entitled to move on, but there are so many more other options in the world. If the roles were reversed, how shattered would you be, if he slept with your best friend? I get it's your choice, but part of love is respect and not doing things intentionally (in the sense there's no way you could've thought it wouldn't) to hurt those you love. You need to evaluate your definition of the word.

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Well said, but who's to say she did it to intentionally hurt him? Things happen, we don't know the situation leading up to the act. It could have happened randomly. She didn't think she'd ever hear from him again and obviously he's the one who broke it off. I'm not saying it was a good idea, it just shouldn't be assumed it was to intentionally get back at him.

I did specifically point out intentional in the sense, there was no way she could have not know it would be hurtful. I am in no way implying she did it with malice or to specifically get back at him. I was using it in the legal sense of known or should have known. It'd be the same if it was his brother. This is one of the most important people in his life. The best friend is a major jerk in this equation too. Love is putting someone else's wellbeing above your own, love is respect, love is not selfish, love is patient, love is kind...what is obvious, is this is not love.

That was one of the most intelligent and well worded responses I have ever read on this site.

Man this sucks. You can get back together with your ex but now his best friend can blackmail you and ruin you relationship, if you two do get back together.

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F your ex's life. He clearly needs new friends. YDI.

Aww, come on guys, she was probably still feeling vulnerable and upset, and just wasn't thinking. This was as close as she was going to get to her ex. It's not like she was in a relationship anymore, and four months is a long time! Just kidding. YDI. I'm sorry, but you move on easy from someone you supposedly "love dearly". And with his best friend, too? I doubt your ex will miss you now.

Well then, you clearly have a rather twisted way of loving someone dearly. Also, what a coincidence it must be, for you to sleep with your ex's best friend and then for your ex to message you the next day. There's a ton of fuckery going on here with no happy ending. You and all individuals involved, deserve whatever the heck this is and the outcome thereof.

I had the same thought of it not being a coincidence with the timing of the text after the hookup. More is to come I bet. If there's an update, it should be interesting.

How does that proverb go? Ah, yes: the way to a man's heart is through his best friend's crotch.

Please don't use love in any sentence until you figure out exactly what it means... Smh