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Today, I got a ticket for having my brights on. The street was pitch black and it was 1:30 in the morning. FML
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yeah, it turns out that even if it's dark out, you're still supposed to turn off your brights when you meet another car. driver's ed drop out? this is probably the same person that drives in the rain with no headlights on and wipers going mach 10. "Why do I need to turn on my lights? I can see where I'm going." YDI

no, you should actually never use brights in fog...


He wasn't talking about those headlights...

Ma'am, it looks like your high beams are on. Good first, Toxi.

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Foofighters, you just ruined something that looked like the beginning of an interesting conversation D:

Ahaha. No, Mr. plexi here is too busy for me. I do have to ask, though, "what the ****?" Pizza? That was really random.

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So..... What where we conversating about????

Toxi, (#7) Had to go to a meeting. Told everyone I hang out all day on FML and flirt with you. They laughed.

To FooFighters I'm sorry for saying that and Ijust noticed you are quite random And therefore you're awesome =D *apologises*

Wow. Irrefutable logic. Really. I'm not even going to argue with that.

mistercoffee, are you channeling Sally Field? You like me, you really, really like me!

You're almost funny. "Telling me off"? Is that what you call what you were doing? Heh, I could verbally bitchslap you with logic, but you obviously don't like logic much.

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I think the est thing to do is just randomly shoot......and then hope for the best

We're fighting over who likes who, and then either person doesn't really like each other? Um, I may have not paid much attention to the kids in middle school, but when two people generally claim to not like each other... Either they both really like each other secretly, or they reach some sort of agreement and stop talking because they can't stand each other. I'm thinking it's the second one. Do I need to put the both of you in corners or something? I hope not. I've seen this conversation in at least two FMLs now. Can we move on?

RBG, There's another possibility: one likes the other, but the other doesn't like the one. I'll leave it up to the readers to decide which one is the "one" and which one is "the other."

Shut the **** up, mistercoffee. Really. Just shut the **** up.

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mistercoffee, looks like u need a nice tall glass of STFU intoxicunt, you rule and remember EVERYBODY (mostly mistercoffee): Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics..... Even if you win, you are still retarded

Thank you redjester. mistercoffee: Um, I looked at your profile to figure out why you put up a pic like plexico's. I did figure it out. You wish you were him because he gets attention from girls. You're the one making comments about me all the ******* time ("intoxicunt is a prick tease", for example). I don't know if you're on drugs or you're just delusional. Either way, get the **** over yourself and don't lurk my other pages (like youtube). And no, I DID NOT ******* start this. I'm having a convo with other people and you just butt in saying something about me liking you. You're a dumb ************. Remove your head from your ass and your profile from this site, please. feminist19: Go get banned again. Oh, and while you're at it, learn the definition of the words you use. OK?

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we should all love eachother! loveee loveee loveee!:D

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How would anyone know if a specific street had a legal agreement like that though? Especially if its at night time, I'm sure it would be harder to see any signs that may say so as well. Dunno bout you guys, but its not illegal to drive in town with your lights on high-beam in New Zealand. In saying that, its just common courtesy, and if you were in a busy area with lots of other cars, you would probably get pulled over by a cop and told to dip your lights.

Erm... Mistercoffee... It's not between just you and Intoxicunt when you're posting your creepy stalker comments beneath FML where EVERYONE can read them and reply to them. I know I don't like people butting in their rude, insulting comments out of nowhere when I'm having a one-on-one conversation with someone, but when it's with something as insane as your following her around and harassing her, you get what you give. So don't tell me to stay out of it. And make up your mind - first you idolise her, now you're...erm..."telling her off". XD Anyway, I stick with my original request. Shut the **** up.

RedJester23 6

ALSO: People like mistercoffe are like slinkies, they are really good for nothing.... But they still bring a smile to your face when you push 'em down a flight of stairs :)

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I love arguments like this lol. It will always be one person taking it seriously while the other realizes it's the internet and doesn't give a damn.

i have no clue how okd this FML convo is but, feminist19 is a douche and pizza is tasty.

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that sucks. i never understood why they made brights if its illegal to have them on... oh well. FYL, sorry dude.

It helps to see in really dangerous, dark, and foggy areas. They're needed where I live.

no, you should actually never use brights in fog...

hornetchik 0

Agreed. Dipping your lights helps you see better in fog.

probably the reason he got stopped was because he kept his brights on while another car was driving the opposite way. you can't get stopped for just having your brights on but if someones is driving the other way it is very dangerous to have your brights on because it could momentarily blind them.

It's illegal to have the brights on? Then what's the point of having brights on a car? I understand it being illegal to drive with them on in the city all the time, but seriously, if there's no one around... what's the problem?

Exactly. If no one's around. Obviously if you got pulled over, you shone your brights on someone... possibly the cop. YDI. It's a major pet peeve of mine when I get blinded by an oblivious driver. Pay attention and be considerate. Besides, if it's pitch-black, regular lights work just fine. Flip on the brights for a second or two if you need 'em, but keep your hand on the switch and watch for other drivers out on the road.

and how is one supposed to know whether there is anyone else around if one can't see anything because it's pitch black out? brights aren't so much about the amount of light you need, but about how far you need it to reach. regular headlights, even in total darkness, will only show you what's about 10-20 feet in front of your car. if you need to see further down the road, e.g. to see a curve coming up, you need your brights. if there happens to be someone else on the road, that's what night mirrors are for.

if there are other people on the road, then their lights will show you the hazards in the road ahead. IF the other people are behind you it is fine to have brights on because you are not causing their vision to be impaired.

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That sucks... that cop has to be an idiot.

Unless the cop was driving toward him and he didn't dim them

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fyl i never understood why they are illegal

If it is actually illegal, it would be because when you are passing by other cars they are blindingly bright. I always heard common courtesy was to flip them down whenever there's a car passing the other way, but I never knew it was illegal not to do so...

If you don't know it's illegal to pass cars w/o dimming your brights, you're to stupid to drive.

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I don't know about the The UK, but I know in the state of NH the law is you must turn off your high beams if you are within 1000 feet of another vehicle.

yeah, it turns out that even if it's dark out, you're still supposed to turn off your brights when you meet another car. driver's ed drop out? this is probably the same person that drives in the rain with no headlights on and wipers going mach 10. "Why do I need to turn on my lights? I can see where I'm going." YDI

Good point. I see that one all the time. Scary!

How would you like it if someone's brights shot through your window when you were trying to sleep? You probably didn't dim them for the oncoming police car. YDI for being ignorant of others' needs....and ignorant of the law.

Bloody fool! It's illegal, they're not meant for the streets, they're for highways and stuff

Stupid ass. 'highways and stuff' aren't exclusively the only place to use brights. Side streets are often way darker than highways.

Been there, though I didn't get a ticket. I was driving down a deserted, dark, two-lane road in the middle of the night, and passed a cop - parked, with his lights off, in a lot - while I had on my brights. He decided to tailgate me for a mile, and finally ****** off. I was extremely pissed, though. What the **** the brights are there for if not to light up a dark street with no one else in sight, I haven't a clue. If the cop doesn't want brights shined on him, he shouldn't have his own lights off.

You pegged him, Mercy. He cackled and cursed at me as he followed me around, too. :[ Ah, Triumvirate, I admire your jerry-rigging sense of engineering. :]

How do you know he was tailgating you because you had your brights on? He was probably just running your registration.