By bloodynose - 27/06/2009 02:35 - United States

Today, I got my wisdom teeth out. My doctor said it was okay to eat, so, I had some mashed potatoes. Apparently, my body disagreed with the doctor, because I threw up. Because my face was so swollen, it didn't make it out my mouth. It went through my nose instead. I literally blew chunks. FML
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chunkynose tells us more.

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lol the mashed potatoes I had were kind of chunky, and so after I threw up, there were still bits of it left in my nose. I had to blow my nose to get them out, and so I blew chunks of taters out my nose into the tissue. my mom almost fainted. :)

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Would make one he'll of a viddeo on America's Funniest


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sorry OP, same thing happened to me after mine were removed, but I hadn't eaten, it was two matching streams of blood on the carpet.

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at least you're past the worst of it :-/ gl OP.

Would make one he'll of a viddeo on America's Funniest

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you know what makes it worse??? Chunks is her dog??? ^_^

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That would be hilarious to see in person-sorry, it must have hurt! Hope you feel better!

I never trust what the dentist says anymore. They told me my wisdoms were coming in perfectly straight, so it wouldn't be a requirement to remove them. Guess who's missing a few molars because of the damage?

the reason she threw up was probably on account of the amount of blood she may have swallowed causing emesis. your dentist, on the other hand, is an asshole.

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bahahahahha 'blew chunks'. good one. get well soon. + send your dentist a douchebag in the mail. ;D

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He knew that would happen. All dentists are evil super villains plotting to take over the world. o.O

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FYL. I need mine out, too. :(