By halfmypaycheckgone - United States - Monroe
Today, a state trooper ticketed me after learning I was ticketed for the same offense an hour earlier, namely driving with a broken headlight. The good news is that both tickets will be dismissed if I go to court. The bad news is that I'd have to go to different courthouses at the same time of day. FML
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  free2speak  |  14

I had a ticket and they changed my date, no questions asked. My mom, who lives in another state did this, and they didn't ask her anything about it either. Gotta admit though that it's major douchebag-like of him to give OP another ticket especially if OP showed him the previous ticket and explained. I can't think of one good reason why he would've done so...

  Metallica36176  |  16

I'm sorry to say but sadly peoples moods effect everything. The second one couldve had a bad day and just wanted to take it out on you by thinking "its been an hour she shouldve fixed it, its not that hard." I don't see why he would do that either, its horrible, unless he thought it was funny which he's an asshole or he didn't pay attention to a word you said and disregarded it.

  Sandman366  |  6

39- There's quotas, then there's just being an asshole. Not just the same day for a second ticket, an hour later. What if you're too busy to get it fixed? And them for court dates to be the same day? Are they trying to be inconsiderate jerks?

  zero4life123  |  7

Cops haven't had quotas for about 40 years. Also I know by us they banned quotas.... I know many other police forces in America do. Also I doubt you got another ticket for your head light, because it would come up in all red letters saying he was already pulled over and what not. Also it says what he/she was pulled over for and the date...

  bigtredawg  |  2

they have here what is called performance expectation. it isn't a quota of how many tickets they have to write. however if they don't write enough tickets they are not meeting the expectation.

  dbt88  |  15

55- generally there is a specific date/time for courts that police are given every day. I believe it's 3 weeks from receiving the ticket in one jurisdiction here. If both agencies' court dates were the same, it wasn't the officer's fault. And maybe OP had an attitude with the trooper ... That discretion thing can get you.

  Shaun2035  |  9

Cops do have quotas to fill although they usually call it a personal goal. My 2 sisters-in-law are cops and both state just the wording has changed not what they are required to do.

By  Chanti_fml  |  26

I think you can be glad that your girlfriend didn't mace the person that wanted to alert you to the broken head light.
If he/she would sue, that would not get dismissed that easily in court.


Um, #5... the OP is female, and while its possible she might have a girlfriend, the OP is the driver in this case and so was the lady that maced the other FML's OP...
So in short, your comment is a big fat reference FAIL.

  willbur73q  |  7

Those kinds of tickets are given just to get you to change your light, and to stumble on bigger crimes the person may be involved in. If OP fixes lights and proves it to the judges, tickets will get waived. Easy as pie.

  nature_girl_08  |  14

#6: i think the second ticket should be dismissed; i'm fairly sure that a cop cannot issue you a second ticket for a problem such as this without giving you sufficient time to fix it. an hour is not enough time to fix a broken headlight. not only that, the record of the ticket would have shown up when the police officer ran OP's plates. i'm with what others have said; contact one or both court houses and explain the situation and see if the times can't be rescheduled

  notsofriendly  |  17

There are two headlights, plus two brights, and often two more fog lights on a car. I'm pretty sure even if one goes out, you can still sufficiently illuminate your car until you can get it fixed.