By Anonymous - 23/12/2012 17:52 - United States - Bel Air

Today, I received a package from a local guy on Craigslist. Instead of the iPhone I paid $350 for, the box only contained a photo of an iPhone. The guy had been dumb enough to attach a return address, so my husband went over and beat the shit out of him. I now have to bail him out of jail. FML
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holyshitbatman 20

you DO realize when shit like that happens you contact the local police and your money will be refunded AND with such a large amount the seller risks jail time

KVKdragon 26

This is why calling the police to solve your problem is better than pointless payback via violence. That's for after you get a refund ;)


holyshitbatman 20

you DO realize when shit like that happens you contact the local police and your money will be refunded AND with such a large amount the seller risks jail time

HolyShitBatman! I thought you were supposed to be a vigilante!

Trisha_aus 15

So what you're saying is...op should've told Gordon first?

cheezepoof2002 4

Oh yeah the police handle refunds these days, get real. Even if the person got arrested the victim of the scam will not be getting his money back without suing for it in small claims court.

Imo it's a lot better when people like that get the shit beat out of them.

Untrue. Craigslist specifically says to deal with the seller in person and not to have anything mailed (for this exact reason). OP disregarded their warning and paid heavily for it. It's unfortunate but her own fault. Hopefully she'll know to deal in person from now on.

KVKdragon 26

This is why calling the police to solve your problem is better than pointless payback via violence. That's for after you get a refund ;)

wlddog 14

What do you expect the cops to do? Its the sellers word against the OP's work. They will just tell you to take it to court.

Sometimes diplomacy just won't cut it. Sometimes you need to open up a can of whoop ass.

Have you ever come across an Internet troll that was so fucking annoying and you wanted to absolutely beat the shit out of him? That's what scammers are like. Those guys deserve a nice beating. Personally, calling the cops wouldn't have satisfied me enough. When someone fucks with me like that, I would beat his ass too.

i do hate the fact that douchebags are protected by the law like the rest of us

The mark of how civilized we are is the extent to which we protect rights for all, even douchebags.

This is why I truly think that duels should be legal. To death or first blood, with obvious rules and referees/witnesses to watch and intervene if needed. More people would be trained in self defense and less people would be inclined to mess with others. I've actually put a lot of thought into something like this.

no you haven't otherwise you'd realize that people will duel over the most trivial things, and more importantly, duel-winning doesn't mean being right or just.

I believe in Wisconsin or some other state, there is a law that makes dueling legal as long as both participants are organ donors.

firedrake637 4

not really. the guy that got assaulted can sue her and the husband for medical costs and court costs plus the husband receiving mandatory jail time

That's an ass beating well do. The guy deserves it, but you guys should have got your money back first.

5 - What if the return address wasn't the right one and the dumbass husband beat up the wrong person?

Better yet, imagine the address was right, but the scammer was a six foot seven behemoth redneck with arms beefier than the Sacred Cow and actually pummeled OP's husband into the floor.

I agree. Call the cops, show them proof you bought the phone, then show them what the guy gave you. the guy will land in jail for fraud.

kevin47_fml 3

no he won't

kevin47_fml 3

because you sign away liability when u use craigslist

You don't sign away liability of fraud. If the ad read an iPhone and not a photo of an iPhone then it is reasonable to assume it was an actual phone based on the verbiage and cost. It's fraud when you don't send the merchandise purchased. If it was sent postal mail it's mail fraud as well. No waiver can excuse you from the law, regardless of what the waiver reads. If the agreement isn't written correctly one non-enforceable clause can invalidate the whole contract too. Depending on where this took place the seller could be looking at 18 months on the fraud and 5 years for mail fraud.

what the person above said....a waiver or a contract doesn't give people a free license to commit crimes.

The terms of use for Craigslist just doesn't make them responsible for the fraud of others. You don't agree to being scammed.

LO388 7

The court costs and whatnot are probably going to be way more than that 350, which you could havs gotten back anyways...

Your husband is a boss.

Till he got arrested that is

Even after he got arrested. It might even make him more of a boss.

insertnameherr 11

Should have just asked for a refund.YDI

Yes, because apparently, the guy who purposefully gave out a piece of paper instead of an iphone for $350, will gladly give a refund. Does anyone read anymore?

Buying items on Craigslist is not like buying from a store. These are private purchases and one simply can't ask for a refund. Especially if it's a scam, which this appears to be.

Are you fucking retarded? Somehow I doubt a fraudulent person will accept a "refund."

You're stupid. Read and learn to comprehend some more.

Hello people, she's a blonde!

Calm down people! 12 made an honest mistake. Not a one of you would make such rude comments about a post if she was ugly. Leave the dumb blonde alone (just kidding 12).

No, you don't HAVE to bail your seemingly psychopathic husband out of jail. That would be as stupid as spending big money on something listed by some random guy on a place like Craigslist. Oh, wait...

Wow, one story, three stupid people! I wonder how much police time gets wasted every year by having to get involved in the aftermath of people like you doing stupid things with their money? Prove he didn't send you the phone, civil dispute!

Damnit I accidentally thumbed you up.

I wonder too... Oh wait, I already know -- WAY TOO MUCH!

I'm surprised OP didn't look at the box or anything before taking it home. Or just contact the guy.. I mean, beating the crap out of someone over something so stupid? Grow up!

26 - I believe more police time is wasted on calls about stolen windows..

109 - As stupid as not reading an FML properly and then giving it a negative comment?

Your boyfriend needs some counseling to control his anger.

It's her husband.

Haha My bad lol. Still he needs counseling for his anger though.