By Somethingswrongwiththispic - United States
Today, I was watching this show about fat people. I was wondering how people could let this happen to themselves. Then I looked down and saw a giant bowl of popcorn, ice cream, potato chips, and soda. I thus figured out how people do this to themselves. FML
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  maggirl93  |  0

OP never said they were fat. There are plenty of people that could eat like that and not put on weight.
but still, YDI. The thought of all that makes me want to vomit... :/

  perdix  |  29

Purp, I'll take your word for it.

I tried Blue Waffle and wish I hadn't, so when I was offered Special Fried Rice, I have passed and remained glad I did so.

  purplemnm  |  9

lol, I just tried the OP's opposite salad, I think you have to puck certain flavors coz it was disgusting...*randomcrazyshizz*

but what's special fried rice?

  cleio81  |  5

I would actually recommend weight watchers over Jenny Craig. I actually GAINED weight on Jenny and was spending over $300 a week on the special food.

  ilmanator  |  7

I eat fattening foods but in moderation combined with fruit and exercise so I stay nice and light you don't need to completely cut chips and stuff out of your diet