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Today, I was watching this show about fat people. I was wondering how people could let this happen to themselves. Then I looked down and saw a giant bowl of popcorn, ice cream, potato chips, and soda. I thus figured out how people do this to themselves. FML
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9 he should be handcuffed to a treadmill while a doughnut tied to a string is in front of him


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op you have achieved enlightenment

OP never said they were fat. There are plenty of people that could eat like that and not put on weight. but still, YDI. The thought of all that makes me want to vomit... :/

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9 he should be handcuffed to a treadmill while a doughnut tied to a string is in front of him

I think the tv show is called "HUGE" I watch it.

some ppl got slow metabolisms...luckily i eat alot and dont gain weight, and i dont even show my abs online like im a desperate creeper trying to get 15yr olds lol

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I agree w 11. I do that nd I'm nt fat at all. but still it's nt healthy so ydi :)

25- he got it so he can flaunt it haha it's fml, so highly likely he's 'trying to get 15yo's'.. haha please.

Sherlock Holmes solves another mystery. Oh finally I get to sleep tonight. Were you watching the VH1 show Money Hungry? Yea, it's hard to watch.

ChelseaXD 0 but this isn't really an fml. :/

People aren't fat, they're big boned. YDI.

that she sat on a rainbow and made skittles, then she ate them...

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or may be he's watching fox news?


YDI once u r like that u stay like that!!!

#52:  realy hot #38: it's an FML because the O.P. is fat

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looking at things from a new perspective, huh?

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I eat non-stop yet I only weigh 120. :/ My best friend is on a 1,500 calorie a dat diet and still weighs 170. I still wub her dohh. :D

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You ate all of that in one sitting? How..?

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I don't think ice-cream + popcorn would taste too good :/

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ohh, but says the guy in the black wife beater and biceps with the face.

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Haha that's what I thought when I first read it. It sounds nothing short of disgusting.

I agree with #2. YDI for eating ice cream at the same time as popcorn and chips.

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don't knock it til you've tried it.

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Purp, I'll take your word for it. I tried Blue Waffle and wish I hadn't, so when I was offered Special Fried Rice, I have passed and remained glad I did so.

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lol, I just tried the OP's opposite salad, I think you have to puck certain flavors coz it was disgusting...*randomcrazyshizz* but what's special fried rice?

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How can you eat all of that? One fudgesicle fills me up.

oh my gosh haha that's so gross! you can't possibly eat all that food! go donate some to a shelter or'll both benefit...

not good OP when the commercial for Jenny Craig comes on be sure to call ;)

op never said she was fat, she just said that she was judging people for stuff that she did herself.

She isn't fat YET! Wait till she gets older and her metabolism drops.

She isn't fat YET! Wait till she gets older and her metabolism drops.

Uhg I hate that... oh well you get my point.

Exactly, ill. Bad habits will getcha in the end.

just because she isn't fat, it doesn't mean she isn't ridiculously unhealthy. someones weight is not the only way to determine how healthy they are

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I would actually recommend weight watchers over Jenny Craig. I actually GAINED weight on Jenny and was spending over $300 a week on the special food.

Why not try a bowl of oatmeal or fruit.Come on, all of those foods are so gross.

lol XD was the show the biggest loser???

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Do something about it! Go run it off. It will feel good(: and throw shitty food like that away 

not everyone eats diets shakes and fat free foods when watching tv or a movie. that's why it's comfort food not health food

I eat fattening foods but in moderation combined with fruit and exercise so I stay nice and light you don't need to completely cut chips and stuff out of your diet