By Anonymous - Brunei Darussalam
Today, my crush walked me home. As my mom opens the door, she tells me in Russian how ugly he is, and that I have extremely bad taste. Out of all the languages in the world, he happens to be fluent in Russian. FML
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  MuchDance90s  |  0

I agree! He should've said something.

It's so rude to speak to someone in a language that the third party doesn't understand -- even ruder, obv., to say such horrible things!

  suppressed08  |  2

The Chinese students in my college do..

occasionally the guy next to me (who takes mandarin classes) perks up and listens when they're swearing about stuff in maths :P

  1990TD  |  6

...You know what incest is, right?

Besides, two friends of mine are half-Russian. They do understand it, but they can't speak Russian. They both live in Holland since they're born, I wouldn't call them Russians at all!

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

101 - It can go either way. Either you can stay in your comfort zone and be with a person who speaks the same language as you, or you can venture out and learn a new language by being with them (provided they know at least some of your language).

  Elenachka  |  0

not to mention, it doesn't say he's Russian. my bf is Russian, I am not; but this exact thing has happened to me. I'm Brazilian American, just happen to speak Russian.

  leonlee2002  |  10

1) Dude you realise there's something called LEARNING a language? Even if OP's mother can speak Russian, it doesn't mean OP can speak it too.

2) You being racist huh?