By Anonymous - 13/10/2010 14:45 - Brunei Darussalam

Today, my crush walked me home. As my mom opens the door, she tells me in Russian how ugly he is, and that I have extremely bad taste. Out of all the languages in the world, he happens to be fluent in Russian. FML
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davek 36

In Soviet Russia, mother insults YOU!!


daddyceelo 0

Sounds like your mom is a stuck up bitch.

He should say something in Russian on the spot, and watched the old lady pick her jaw up from the ground.

MuchDance90s 0

I agree! He should've said something. It's so rude to speak to someone in a language that the third party doesn't understand -- even ruder, obv., to say such horrible things!

denbeste 3

everyone does realise this fml was around a year ago..?

mona_is_here 10

pizdets :D It's terrible when you need to say something personal but everyone around speaks the language you do. Can't hide, must watch your tongue ;)

i would have responded with "Пошел на хуй"

mona_is_here 10

That's when addressed to a male, for a female it would be 'Пошла на х*й!" :D

65 - Haven't you learned a lesson from the other posters? D:

missvee98324 0

lmao am i the only one who knows 26's shirt is spelled wrong? i doubt thats the real pic but if it is then FYL for buying dumb shirts

that would have been hilarious or u could have said "ede naxooe at suda"

jamieleigh_315 0

98 u must've been lookin real hard @ her "shirt" 4 a long time 2 notice that

right? i wouod be scarred. it's not only rude to say that, but in a foreign language so he doesn't understand?

I agree with #63. Also, my friend was in that boy's position two weeks ago. :)

rwctkd95 0

damn!!! hahahhaahah u got bad taste like south american girls

At least you have that out in the open now. No need for her to sneak attack him at some other point. It's good to know your enemies and keep them close.

i love it when fmls come up like that. its funny how they always seem to be fluent in that 1 launguage. ima say FYL for having bad mom :)

Ok, so your moms a bitch who judges on looks. If you like him, it shouldn't matter. STOP BITCHING.

I hate when people speak in a different language and expect no one around them to not know that language also.

The Chinese students in my college do.. occasionally the guy next to me (who takes mandarin classes) perks up and listens when they're swearing about stuff in maths :P

Agree, like the fact that they talk down to people in another language makes it ok. I say, bullshit.

I'm struggling with whatever language that was #10! How many negatives in that sentence?

Master_Of_Sand 0

Well, if your mom can speak russian, you must be it too, so YDI for trying to date a guy who is also russian, you incest freak.

...You know what incest is, right? Besides, two friends of mine are half-Russian. They do understand it, but they can't speak Russian. They both live in Holland since they're born, I wouldn't call them Russians at all!

bh0p 0

Troll, so we should not date those who speak English?

randomchickkk 0

master of sand, you are an idiot.

tomoturtle 0

wow really? it's actually the opposite cause you want to date someone like you who also understands Russian

101 - It can go either way. Either you can stay in your comfort zone and be with a person who speaks the same language as you, or you can venture out and learn a new language by being with them (provided they know at least some of your language).

Elenachka 0

not to mention, it doesn't say he's Russian. my bf is Russian, I am not; but this exact thing has happened to me. I'm Brazilian American, just happen to speak Russian.

1) Dude you realise there's something called LEARNING a language? Even if OP's mother can speak Russian, it doesn't mean OP can speak it too. 2) You being racist huh?