By mrmatt008 - 17/07/2009 12:07 - France

Today, I got back to work from a 3 week vacation. My boss had asked me to get him something so when I returned I presented him with a shotglass with the British flag on it. I later found out that he is a recovering alcoholic. FML
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There's probably no way you could've known that, so I think he'll appreciate the gesture :)

he doesnt have to use it for drinking, he could use it for like a decoration


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First FYL!! But yeah, that's a common gift. Had he mentioned it before?

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OMG YOU'RRE FIRST YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON EVER!!!!! But seriously, go choke on a horse's cock.

mayb he was trying to say like: firstly, FYL,, but yeah...

He made a relevant comment. Then it's ok to say "FIRST" along with it.

......#3, why does it even matter? Are horrible things done to you every time someone on the internet says "first" or something?

People like #3 are the ones that annoy me more than the people that say "first". If the morons want to make themselves special by posting first when they get the first post, then let them. It obviously makes them happy. People like #3 annoy me because they care so much when people say first and hate it so much for some reason. Just chill and let them feel special.

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wow, you guys are STILL arguing over this? stfu and get a life. virgins

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#3 he meant first of all fyl! then... blag

There's probably no way you could've known that, so I think he'll appreciate the gesture :)

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#4 but you didnt knoww.

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you're number 4

Yeah, there's not really any way you could have known unless he had mentioned it before. Hopefully he wasn't offended.

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You guys are completely missing the point! Obviously he probably has tons of shot glasses, so getting him another one is kinda pointless.

I think it might be you who's missing it. It's like giving a recovering klepto the keys to your house.

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You couldn't have gotten him a better gift than a novelty shot glass? Looks like someone isn't getting a christmas bonus this year...

It's a fairly common gift really... If you don't know someone that well (and it doesn't sound like the OP knew their boss very well at all, as they had no idea about the recovering alcoholic thing) then you kinda just end up giving them lame, novelty gifts anyway. I hate the present culture.

This is hardly a FML.

I wish for all comments like that to be banned. They're just plain annoying. Clearly it is an FML, which is why it was allowed through moderation. Now stfu

he doesnt have to use it for drinking, he could use it for like a decoration

Or for like orange juice. Just because it's a shot glass doesn't mean it has to be used as such. I use my mom's shot glass when I need something to wash down a pill with. Just the right amount of liquid.

A lot of people collect shot glasses who don't drink, they are good souvenirs!! Kinda embarrassing, but don't worry about it :)

Eh, nobody actually drinks out of those things.

Aw man, no way for you to know that! Plus, just get him a really small flower next week and tell him it's a miniature vase, not a shot glass.

um if the man's a recovering alcoholic..i believe he might maaybe, just maybe, know what a shot glass looks like.