By mrmatt008 - France
Today, I got back to work from a 3 week vacation. My boss had asked me to get him something so when I returned I presented him with a shotglass with the British flag on it. I later found out that he is a recovering alcoholic. FML
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  Joe2794  |  0

People like #3 are the ones that annoy me more than the people that say "first". If the morons want to make themselves special by posting first when they get the first post, then let them. It obviously makes them happy. People like #3 annoy me because they care so much when people say first and hate it so much for some reason. Just chill and let them feel special.


It's a fairly common gift really...

If you don't know someone that well (and it doesn't sound like the OP knew their boss very well at all, as they had no idea about the recovering alcoholic thing) then you kinda just end up giving them lame, novelty gifts anyway. I hate the present culture.

  genius_man16  |  0

Or for like orange juice. Just because it's a shot glass doesn't mean it has to be used as such. I use my mom's shot glass when I need something to wash down a pill with. Just the right amount of liquid.