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By miley098 - 02/11/2011 16:37 - United Kingdom

Today, I came home from school, only to find I was locked out. The cars were all there, but no one was in. It wasn't until I heard continuous banging from my parents' window that it clicked. They kept me locked me for over an hour in freezing weather just to have sex. FML
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Sex is way better than kids :P you've been overruled.

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Sometimes you just gotta take one for team


Sex is way better than kids :P you've been overruled.

OP is being selfish... Think of his newly conceived baby brother!

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OP, you'd lock your parents out of the house for sex to ;)

As revenge, lock them out of the nursing home when that time comes, then, bang your Arabic boyfriend Steve. That'll learn e'm

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That sex that is greater than kids leads to more kids. Problem?

33 is learning someone a new method of teaching?

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everyone has been kids so what?

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Sex > kids, your argument is invalid

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Be honest op. You're a little glad you were locked out. Otherwise you'd have heard more than just some dull thumping through the wall.


SEXILED! by your parents...... sounds a whole lot worse than being sexiled in college!

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33 - why arabic boyfriend to be exact ????

I want to say the Arabic Steve.....jobs?

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Sometimes you just gotta take one for team

As far as I read, OPs mom was the only one taking anything. Unless their dad's in to the kind of thing too.

Why so mad? That's a sign of a healthy relationship.

Agree with all of the above statements, it sucks that they left you out in the cold OP, but at least you know they still got that spark; besides, you lived :)

They had sex for an hour?!?!? Not even **** videos are that long...

I have to admire the OP's dads stamina... Even with lots of foreplay 1 hour is impressive.

it was probably quite akward when you got in...

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People need to grow up & come to terms with their own sexuality. You should NOT be so awkward about sex that you lock your own kid out in the cold. If you think this is justifyable AT ALL you need to see a shrink! You have a serious psycho-sexual malfunction.

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I dont know about anyone else, but I wouldnt want to be in the house when my parents are having sex. Its not something I want to hear. In any case, they shouldnt have locked you out in the cold. Just fake sick the next day and blow off classes. Blame it on them.

I agree 26, you have to be ******* crazy to want privacy whilst having sex. I mean we should all just have sex in front of our kids and everyone else for that matter. Don't even get me started on people who lock doors, especially for petty things like safety and preventing theft.

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Elmousey I loved your sarcasm :)

64 I'd say that isn't even enough, you should include your children as well, if you feel even slightly uncomfortable with that, get help, a good shrink is what you need

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My stupid mom and stepdad thought i was asleep and had sex while i was in the room. Awake from insolmnia... With a headache. Needless to say, the headache got worse.

104, I was reading that having sex actually helps clear up a headache...

^ yes, but she wasn't the one having sex.

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Next time break through the window and yell surprise! (or get a key)

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what? I think i'd rather be locked out than be inside and have to listen to my parents having sex.

Hello! Was wondering when the ******* with the poinless comment for this FML was going to show up, and welcome. Feel free to browse the normal, appropriate comments by the way. Bye!

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Your pic? That's the exact moment a little girl had probably died. **** you.