By Ticklish - 13/04/2014 09:33 - United States - Marion

Today, I realized that my boyfriend is so obsessed with tickling me that my body has developed a conditioned response. Now I flinch every time he touches me, no matter what we're doing. FML
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xXToxicPenguinXx 12

could be worse.. could hit him every time he touches you

"Why did you break up with your boyfriend?" "He tickled me" seems legit.


It's not like the suckiness of the situation isn't apparent or anything.

then000bster 16

Yeah man! This is totally a fml...

ILoveMyArm 15

Okay everybody, I think he gets the sarcasm.

If only there was a place online, where people could post short stories about things that sucked for them. Then noone would have to reply: "that sucks"

I told you not to date the tickle monster. Why does Noone ever listen to me. He shall have his tickles or your soul.

cheese_buuuurger 5

This was, so enlightening. Thank you for sharing you're genius with us

xXToxicPenguinXx 12

could be worse.. could hit him every time he touches you

Plan A: step one, biologically develop an actual tickle monster. Step two, unleash it on him Plan B: Something much less cool than Plan A

Llamassss 21

If you don't enjoy it you should talk to him about stopping or tickling you less often. In time you'll stop flinching. If he doesn't stop I would suggest to find a new boyfriend.

"Why did you break up with your boyfriend?" "He tickled me" seems legit.

#24 He refused to respect my physical boundaries, even after I explained them and asked him to stop his unacceptable behavior

Or just not dating. I don't get how some people are so set on always dating people. That's a rough life. Nothing wrong with being single for a while. It makes the relationships mean more.

#24 is greatly confusing me. I'm so ticklish myself that I can feel a tickle coming on with someone's fingers hovering over my skin.

Durantye 8

I don't see why it has to end with a break up. Obviously he is doing it too much and needs to lighten up on it. There are a lot more stages to go through before reaching that point.

I meant #17, didn't notice I put the wrong number until just now...derp

#34 yes, there are other stages, and #4 already suggested them BEFORE suggesting breaking up.

Some people are more dependent on other people, some people enjoy the company of other people, some just like **** buddies, some people are Ted from How I Met Your Mother.

I'll call you Elmo you shall be my little tickle me Elmo

So if she's Tickle Me Elmo, is he Stop Touching Me Elmo?

Fr0gs 15

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Durantye 8

That sounds like an absolutely horrendous idea.

Well it probably happens as it is. "I swear he's not abusive! He just tickles me a lot. Also I fell down some stairs and landed on a doorknob."

Obsessively tickling someone to the point where she flinches whenever her boyfriend touches her IS abusive. OP, did you ever ask your boyfriend to stop tickling you? If so, and he didn't stop, THAT is abusive. It's a clear disrespect of your boundaries.

alice_18 16

9, I think that is the reason that this is an FML. She doesn't want everyone to think she is abused.

... Or she could just ask him to tickle her less

Hopefully if you're around your family and you flinch they don't think he beats you