By janae - 06/08/2018 23:30

Today, I discovered that I am pregnant. I questioned my boyfriend and he admitted to not using a condom because he thought we were just doing "practice sex". FML
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how did you not realize he didn't have a condom on?

Practice sex is what condoms are for! I hope your boyfriend isn't this stupid all the time.


Practice sex is what condoms are for! I hope your boyfriend isn't this stupid all the time.

MamaChey 22

Scary thought alert!! What if he is THAT stupid? We KNOW she’s no genius, since she couldn’t tell if he put on a condom — These two effing morons just procreated!!! WE’RE DOOMED AS A SOCIETY!!!

chris_lillo 15

Well tell him now that "practice" is over it's time for him to be a dad!

how did you not realize he didn't have a condom on?

When you grow up, you'll learn how this is possible. Or, you could watch Knocked Up, and get it over with. Just make sure you ask your parents before watching an R-rated movie.

I'm a grown woman who's had sex many times, to me at least a condom feels WAY different than without one. Maybe that's just me though

Google stealthing.

Emma Marshall 19

That's what I thought. But depending on the position, he could've easily taken it off without her knowing.

MamaChey 22

One would think that someone who responded to a question with such arrogance as you did would know what the fuck they talking about, but I guess was wrong. I’m a grown ass woman and I can tell you with 100% certainty that I know damned well whether a man is wearing a condom or not. (p.s. - Just because you saw something done in a Seth Rogen movie does not mean it’s fact)

Yeah, well, when you PRACTICE at procreating, you tend to get GOOD at it...

You are both idiots and are not ready for a child.

There's literally no difference in sensation between a dick with a condom on it and one without. If he lied about it or pretended to put one on, that's rape by deception -- almost impossible to prosecute, unfortunately, but the fact remains. If it just never came up, and you just assumed he was using one without seeing him put it on or discussing it... well.

hooahh3 3

There is a big difference in feel from a guys side! Women can feel the difference also, i have had this argument with a few GF’s. After a blind test( no looking and sex with and without one) they all realized i was right. saying there’s no difference is like saying a dildo and an actual guy are the same.

ive never been able to tell the difference, maybe everyone is different

bl3ur0z3 17

I doubt he pretended to put one on if he legit believed it would be ok not to wear one.

Dude you may want to read up n what rape is. Not having a condom on doesn't make consensual sex sexual assault...

Yes, it does. That's why I specified "rape by deception" -- it's a specific legal term, meaning that the terms under which consent was given were not adhered to.

Fun fact, it does. If I consent to protected sex, to avoid pregnancy and STDs, both of which are undeniably life altering happenings, and my partner removes this protection without my knowledge, this is considered rape. And no matter the legal terms, even if it wasn't legally considered rape, how sick is it to betray someone's trust like that - because that was OPs fault, trusting her boyfriend. You'd think being in a relationship with someone meant you didn't have to be on high alert all the time, turns out that's not true and you can't even trust the person you're in a committed relationship with. In this case I'm under the assumption both of them are very naive, otherwise I can't explain how she never noticed or how he thought it practice sex that didn't result in pregnancy was a thing. My best guess here is that this is another result of the 'abstinence only' education. But there's cases where this kind of deception happens on purpose with guys bragging how they "tricked" girls. If you've ever talked to a woman who had that happen to her, you'll know why there's no other word for this but rape.

FFS, like you can't tell the difference.

How could you not notice? Didn’t he seem to be enjoying sex just a little too much?

Wow U2 sound young and dumb and now full of his cum ,hope you grow up fast time for motherhood 😱😭😵😒

Anyone else find it funny how a post wippen like this with the emoji parade at the end of calling someone else dumb?

I don't understand what the band U2 has to do with this FML.

LadyRen 20

That’s called masturbation.