By worker666 - 13/04/2014 14:51 - United States

Today, my coworker tried to convince my boss that I'm not human. Her examples of how I'm influenced by demons included how I don't wear a jacket in the winter, and that I once got a nosebleed from sneezing. My boss thinks she's hilarious and is playing along. FML
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Have some fun, OP. Play along too

Time to call an exorcist.


Time to call an exorcist.

Exorcists are for demons. Dmeons however, might need the aid of something stronger, like a dictionary.

Yes, the ancient power of the dictionary always drives away dmeons.

Now that this fml got edited, no one with understand these two comments

*will. Very ironic

power of the demon right there

^ I think you mean dmeon

Have some fun, OP. Play along too

Then sacrifice their souls to satan.

Forget Satan. Sacrifice them to our great dark lord Cthulu.

Why not both? ~mexican music~

Haha ya, just what I was thinking. Start foaming from the mouth, get some demon contacts and start shaking pretending you're possessed. It would be priceless lol

Id turn around and look at her with demon looking contacts in and talk really creepily so she goes running to your boss, then take them out and act like nothing happened.

Tell them you can't expose yourself to the sun

titandesu 14

and decorate your cubicle with random upside down crosses or pentagrams make sure they're very subtle

Ane just randomly pretend to have a seizure while muttering giberish

That spelling error bothers me greatly.

I read it in my head with a French accent.

Actually, "dmeons" are even worse than "demons"... Dmeons are the evil influence that cause all of the horrid spelling mistakes in this world

"I choose you, Dmeon, go!"

"Don't get too close, it's dark inside, it's where my dmeons hide, it's where my dmeons hide"

You didn't even spell it the way OP

rocker_chick23 27

#3: It bothers me greatly too. I would have ignored it if the OP wasn't from the US. A US citizen should know how to spell a simple word as demon.

It's called a typo bro, just a mistake, not intentional.

What spelling error?

deard4 11

It was fixed.

Join them and prove your coworker right.

ILoveMyArm 15

like totes! lolz

Solid response.

Rehak27 3

well, are you?

See if you can get in on it with your boss and play pranks on the crazy person.

andits 21

Say you are a demon and you're here for him/her

You're infused with the fires of Hell, so of course you don't feel the cold. And bleeding from your nose is a sign that your Master is displeased. I see her point.

Just ignore those two morons who clearly have nothing better to do, apart from being entertained by such nonsense.

Yes, great advice! Ignore the boss!