By worker666 - United States
Today, my coworker tried to convince my boss that I'm not human. Her examples of how I'm influenced by demons included how I don't wear a jacket in the winter, and that I once got a nosebleed from sneezing. My boss thinks she's hilarious and is playing along. FML
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  russfml  |  31

Haha ya, just what I was thinking. Start foaming from the mouth, get some demon contacts and start shaking pretending you're possessed. It would be priceless lol

  paigexox0  |  37

Id turn around and look at her with demon looking contacts in and talk really creepily so she goes running to your boss, then take them out and act like nothing happened.

By  Welshite  |  39

You're infused with the fires of Hell, so of course you don't feel the cold. And bleeding from your nose is a sign that your Master is displeased.

I see her point.