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Your being challenged OP. Life wanted to test you. You passed the test. Put a smile on your face, and roll on. Life will tear you again, so you smile and beat the challenge again. These small victories matter. They're a step before your bigger ones, and the happiness you WILL have. :)

  KushCrushin89  |  10

What's with all the happiness and light shit? Maybe OP is a monumental fuck-up whose only purpose is to serve as a future warning to younger generations of what not to be. Stop feeling sorry for yourself dude, it's a rough world out there with no room for more pansies.

  Lacist  |  19

Guys at least make your comment relevant to what you're replying to, we are all guilty of wanting our comment at the top, but cut the blatancy.

  WhatsOpTic  |  11

I eat salad all the time! Not a lot of lettuce in it, but lots of tomato and cheese! And big croutons! Actually one big crouton...with tomato on it...okay fine its pizza!