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  GhostTanker  |  13

Hey, I'm a straight male and I don't need sex. I don't hate sex, I just find more enjoyment with being with my girl. If I can get her to smile and enjoy herself, I'm happy.

  v1kt4r  |  13

forget that, 2 things she needs to clarify
1. Is she sure she has a boyfriend or is she referring to the Edward Cullen look alike in her mind?
2. Is her boyfriend really a guy or s/he the "man" in their lesbian relationship
bottomline either he doesn't exist or s/he cant get it up

  EnzoMatrix  |  0

Hahah you derserve it for only *whorying* about sex

You know what maybe he's ashamed of a part of his body.

Anyway in a good relationship you need be satiated emotionally & sexually it doesn't mean she is only thinking about sex.