By swallowsafly
Today, Facebook sent me a new friend suggestion. I opened it only to see that the person suggested was the home wrecker that broke up my marriage 4 years ago. Her cover picture is her and my ex together, along with a group of people that I used to be friends with. FML
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By  Henry8cooper  |  15


your X had nothing to do breaking up?

I don't understand the thought that some 3. person comes along and breaks a good relationship.

But of course - it does allow op not to think about what was wrong.

By  TomeDr  |  21

I know what you mean. My ex’s new wife shows up on my timeline because she’s friends with my kids. She was 21 when she started dating a married 45 year old man with three kids. Not my favorite person.

By  Britt2050  |  8

Okay I can get not really wanting anything to do with her, that it's bad memories and all that. But can we stop calling other women homewreckers and accusing them of breaking up our marriages for our husbands choices? Your ex-husband was the home wrecker, he was the one who broke up your marriage. If she knew he was married and still got involved she kind of sucks too but it's not her fault. Your ex-husband was the married one, he was the one who cheated on you. If it wasn't with her it probably would have been with somebody else.

By  KrDizzy  |  16

Sounds like misplaced anger. Your husband wrecked his own home by stepping outside of the marriage and breaking his wedding vows. The other woman owes you no loyalty. Just saying.