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  Ramisme  |  12

actually, it's not. sometimes they're unwilling and your options become to either start having relations with other girls or leave them and both options are emotionally tough and/or morally uncomfortable.

  Fmelikeuhateme  |  24

From what I understood, she's either not willing to have sex, or; she's not good at bed.
Both can be fixed with communication, patience and showing her that you are willing to help her throguh this.

There isn't much information on this FML, so we can't really say much more.

By  xxDeeStar  |  27

The sexual relationship between a couple says a lot about the status of the relationship (unless you're very religious, or asexual etc, then it's obviously an exception). But my point is that this is an obvious indication that something is wrong in your relationship. So you will have to use the most important skill: "communication".

It will probably be an awkward conversation with your girlfriend because you don't want to hurt her feelings but I'd say it's better than letting her believe that you "enjoy" the sex.

  fishinpink  |  20

those things are no joke. my dad used to get them allover his back and arms and legs *shiver* ugh so gross. I had one on my leg once and omg those things itch like crazy! sorry to hear you got one on your balls...that's rough