You OK, hun?

By llaurenmariee - 22/03/2012 08:00 - United States

Today, I was pooping at a local Target when I heard someone say, "You need to eat more solids, you're pooping like a rabbit." FML
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I have always wondered how people can poop in public, because I have the fear someone will hear and make a comment like that.


Agreed. You can tell a lot about somebody's health just by looking at their stool.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I don't think they saw it, I think they heard it. Which is actually more disgusting to me. I mean poop is poop. But hearing someone shit would be so nasty.

But I did see it. I had a wireless camera in the bowl; making videos for 4chan. It looked, sounded and smelled like rabbit poop.

You have a camera that can transmit smells? Now that's some advanced technology!

#10- Wasn't there a song on the musical episode of Scrubs about that?

pittyfinny 4

Off topic, your name is glittertwat and your 16. What the hell is wrong with you kids these days?

Whoa yea, that's messed o.o When I absolutely have to go #2 in a public washroom, I make my huge nest of toilet paper on the seat, and then throw some in, you know, as a silencer. Try it :p

Haven't you heard of Smellovision? At any rate, it's pretty rude to comment on what someone in the nest stall is doing. Sure some nasty shit can go down in a bathroom, but the polite thing to do is ignore the noises someone else is making.

maltam123 0

"Everything comes down to poop my head hurts Check the poop! I feel sick Cheek the poop! I was shot! Check the poop!"

I have always wondered how people can poop in public, because I have the fear someone will hear and make a comment like that.

Me too Ill hold it even if I really have to go

theannak 7

You can always tell em' to shut there mouths because youre a badass ************ who will rip their frikkin eyes out. :) nah im just kiddin :) just pull out your pocket knife, stay quiet but look em in the eye, an keep walkin. (this is if theyre waitin for ya) :P

I feel it's weirder sitting there imagining what the quiet people in the stall next you might be thinking

A7X_LoVeee 10

Sometimes you just have to go. If this ever happens to me then I usually just wait for the restroom to be empty or do a sneaky drop off when someone flushes the toilet or uses those hand dryers.

I've done it twice. First time at an amusement park, where people were using the hand dryer all the time and brought lots of screaming kids inside. Second time at an airport that was deserted, because I took the last flight. ^That's how much it takes for me to be able to go, and I only did it because my tummy hurt the first time and second time I had a 6 hours trip ahead of me. I'll be screwed one day :{

shawnaishere 14

This reminds me of when my friends walked into the bathroom and heard a loud fart. We all laughed out loud and the girl heard us. We saw her when she came out and it was so awkward. Since we go to the same school I always remember that incident when I see her.

#29 - Poor girl! I bet that's high on her "most-embarassing-moments"-list! I would've kept the door locked until everything was clear, for sure. Even if I had to sit in there all day :D

HairyPunisher 27

9, call me crazy but you could just IGNORE them.

Braxton_84 3

some people have no boundaries .. who tells a stranger something like that? weirdo.

I once went to a bathroom to use the urinal and had listen to a older teenager ( would guess around 16 to 18) sing about his poop the entire time and grunt loudly so everyone could hear

RadioDeeJayy_ 6

Haha this is random but I love your display picture! Big bang daebak! ~

What's the worst that can happen if someone does say something?

DerpyDerper 7

I was going to say the exact same thing! :P big bang rules.

I remember back in middle school, I took a shit, and this asshole walked in, recognized me, and started kicking the stall door. Luckily, the door didn't break down. This is why I hate using public bathrooms.

It's best just to ignore that person when your getting out of the stall.

You dont know the difference between rabbit poop and bird poop? The OP was probably plopping every few seconds..

Calm down, I know the difference, it's just the fml said "You need to eat more solids" so I just thought of a pigeon, keep calm!

It's not like im swearing my butt off like some people on here .. I was just stating a fact.

Well you didn't need to ask me the difference between the two, it just came out as rude to me.

JubileeBee 31

Am I the only one thinking of Olan Rodgers's video?

It's ok, OP. The person who listens and gives advice to other people in public restrooms has problems, not you.

YourLifeSucks132 3

But the OP never said he was in the restroom!

#16- You're the perfect example that common sense is not that common...

WearingHats 14

#21 You must not go to Target very often.

16 is technically right, OP never actually SAID he/she was in the restroom, but it's obvious he/she was.

coughyochick 7

#35- trust me, people do weird stuff now

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

This FML just got more entertaining now that I'm imagining OP squating down in an isle doing his business.

Maybe OP was looking at some electronics, when all of a sudden he had to poop, so instead of running all the way across the store to the restrooms, he just pulled down his pants, then he squat and went poop right in the isle. *I'm guessing OP is a he, I'm probably wrong though*

At least you were able to poop :D they prob. were jealous butthurts.