By Anonymous - 09/11/2014 07:51

Today, I spent all day making preparations and buying food for my upcoming birthday. It's not for a party, though - none of my friends wanted to come. I'm preparing for the launch of the new World of Warcraft expansion. FML
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expertsmilee 26

Warlords is gonna be sweet as ****!

Sounds like you'll be partying all by yourself.


expertsmilee 26

Warlords is gonna be sweet as ****!

I'm so excited for WoD! The only thing that sucks is my 587 ilvl is going to mean absolutely nothing anymore haha. I'm excited for new content though, SoO got boring a looong time ago.

I agree, a year of SoO bored the heck out of me. I'm not going to go back there in very, very long time! 3 days to go!

I'd go back for the BOA if that still drops in WoD

Yeah I already have the BoAs I need to level my mains and already have the mount from mythic, so I'm done SoO for a while XD

I already have my Mythic gear to last me a while when leveling. Bring it on!

Agreed. Haven't played since Cata and the expansion looks pretty epic. On a side note, I love how the moment WoW is mentioned in an FML the comments cease to be about the OP and turn into excitement for the game haha.

Is it bad to not be able to understand one iota of what you Guys said?

I took off work for the release of warlords

You're just not as big of a wow nerd as we are.... So excited for warlords!!!! Also, LOK'TAR OGAR!


Ahh world of warcrack. I overheated my motherboard plating burning crusade for 36 hours straight on release day.

Well then someone's quite the raider here!

#7 Someone's quite the raider? On launch you would be lucky to hit cap in 36hrs, let alone find 9-24 others ready and geared for raiding. #1 You're motherboard must of almost been dead already, it's quite a feat to overheat a motherboard seeing as barely anything generates heat from it. CPU or gpu would make sense.

Mother board turned out to be defective, 48 hour wait to get it repaired under warenty, longest 48 hours of my life.

Durantye 8

The crack comment is completely true.

That's way better than a party. Happy birthday in advance

I agree lol. My birthday is coming up too, maybe I'll spend it this way as well.

yzzami 17

Yep, if you have a guild get on vent, raidcall or teamspeak with them and party on

Find some nerd friends to party with . Nothing wrong with being a nerd but you may want to find some stuff for everyone to like.

Durantye 8

Maybe all his friends didn't wanna go to his party cause they are preparing for the launch too. :p

My 18th birthday was spent playing a 17 hour game of civilisation with 9 other people on the biggest map, on the hardest difficulty. Way better that a party where you stand around making small talk.

I disagree. You shouldn't just be making small talk. A party is about letting go with your friends having an absolute blast and forgetting about your responsibilities for a night. it's something that doesn't happen all the time. Playing that game happens a lot more I am sure.

ninety 25

Really? A party doesn't Happen all the time? Most people I've ever known that "party" do it every at least twice a weekend.

Finding nine good players who won't quit when the game stops going their way is very difficult. It doesn't happen often at all.

pwnman 33

Seems more like World of Wi$hes.

who needs friends when you have food and TV...