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Today, straight after we had sex, my boyfriend went to the bathroom. He stayed in there for a long time, but as I also needed to go, I went to check on him. He was trying to urinate into the condom, “just to see what it was like.” FML
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Lesson learned: Let people do their business alone in the bathroom. Some things should stay hidden...


Lesson learned: Let people do their business alone in the bathroom. Some things should stay hidden...

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Kind of odd but why is it a big deal?

I'm also wondering why OP thought it'd be worth sharing with us. The guy was just curious, and all the people in the world sometimes do weird things just out of curiosity. Not a big deal at all. And of course everybody wants to keep them secret.

Lololol my girlfriend couldn't wait to share this fml with me. I couldn't understand what was making her laugh so much and when I looked, she said that she could picture me doing something like this. She then gave me a kiss and said she loves me. I'll continue to let her think I would do something this foolish, just for those little kisses and I love yous. guys will be guys, OP, but I hope that you weren't too shocked by what you saw

Just be glad he wasn't trying to urinate in you without the condom! Some asshat guys will sneak a piss in the hatch while having unprotected shower sex. The shower is a great way to cover the hot leaking liquids coming from your privates.

I think there might be an interesting story behind that to share it as an FML?

Now I need to go try something when I get home... thanks...

Based from comment #6 - On 05/30/2016 at 8:59am by danm_1 You can actually see the guy and the girl involved in this fml. I think it is a blonde white girl and a black guy in their 20's. Just click on his display pic.

and why would that matter? What in world makes you think race matters?

I don't think #6 is the guy from the FML, just a guy who's girlfriend decided to show him the FML so he could get a laugh. Also, I don't see why their skin color matters.

No, that's just a guy whose girlfriend showed him the fml. He quite clearly said they were not the ones involved. Reading comprehension!

Just to clarify things for you, neither my girlfriend or I posted that Fml. To add to that, say what you will about me, but please refrain from insulting my girlfriend. She is not dumb at all. I could retaliate and insult you back, but where's the point in that. You're allowed to think what you want to, but perhaps next time you will be clever enough to keep your thoughts and opinions about others to yourself. I wish you well and all the best for the future

What the **** guys, "black guy" is an entirely valid description in his pic. is he supposed to say "the human male with darker skin pigmentation than the other and most likely African heritage" to avoid implications of racism? He didn't drop an N-bomb or say anything racist. Not everything is racism. With that said, I have no idea why he wanted to identify fml posters in pictures anyways. the premise of the original comment is bizarre and unnecessary.

But why would he just assume that I posted it... If you go to my profile, you will see that none of the fml's that I submitted were posted