By archer - 20/11/2008 11:10 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend who has just returned from his 3 month placement abroad cancelled our date. Why? Because there was a match England vs Germany. A friendly match. FML
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i agree with #2! soccer is life. live it, breath it, and be it!

football is life


Break up with that fucker and find a better guy.

if this was facebook I wud automatically hit the like button

Football takes priority over dates, sorry.

football is life

you mean soccer, "football" sounds retarded

No, he means football, the original sport. Not "football" mostly played with your hands. Ignorant american

Excellent response there Chippedipp!!

38- Why do you automatically assume he is American? His profile doesn't say and the FML didn't say the name of the sport but said "England vs. Germany" so he probably knew what sport anyway. Lots of Americans watch football, and not American football. Please don't comment if you're going to be an ignorant fuck.

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DAMN RIGHT Go germany

While you have my sympathy, it's important that you understand that more often than not, sports are a man's top priority. It's just something you girls have to deal with.

If he doesn't make me his priority, then he doesn't deserve to me my priority. Sorry, not sorry.

dump him, football(soccer) is stupid

bitch soccers awesome you hoe

bet ur just saying that cuz you don't even know how to play soccer so just go get a life

Dumb bitch soccer rules

Bitch please !!

Im sorry that you suck at soccer...

Lol stop being assholes cause she doesn't like soccer.

i agree with #2! soccer is life. live it, breath it, and be it!

sports < women playoffs > wtf is a women?

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But it wasn't playoffs it was just a friendly..

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you choose an idiot, your own fault.

So sad... a friend did that to me... but a boy/girlfriend? Dump that asshole.