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Today, it was the second anniversary of the day I met my girlfriend. I had to go to work, but I set an engagement ring and a letter on my pillow for when she woke up, and left breakfast for her on the counter. When I got home, she and all of her things were gone. FML
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Oh my god, please accept my sincerest condolences. I hope you find a real keeper.

Next time take the day off and propose in person?....


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42- and it's not rude of her to leave like that?

Why is that rude? I think it is cute and kind of romantic. Imagine the anticipation, on both parts(if she would have accepted) for him to get home.

42, you're just a peach when it comes to romantic gestures, aren't you? I'm apalled that, with all the feminist movements lately, guys can't do things differently. They're expected to still abide by old traditions. I'm not trying to troll here by any means, but you ladies have come so far in the last fifty years, why can't we progress? Why do things have to be done the same old, boring, humdrum way? Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm off track here, but I think proposals that set themselves apart from other, "real" proposals are something to be treasured.

I don't see how this ties into feminism; feels like a flame war waiting to erupt...

Actually, 65, I think proposals are stupid and outdated, but to each their own.

Wizardo 33

Clearly this has nothing to do with how my guy here proposed, its more clearly to do with his ex-girlfriends fear of commitment and not wanting to settle down. If anything it was pretty cool on his part and has absolute NIL to do with feminism and how to propose, I just feel sorry for the dude, a long term thing just went to nothing without caution. KCCO OP.

ravenh1979 13

I agree with u too a point, but you don't know their relationship.. Maybe he thought she would think it was cute and sweet!! I would have. Jus sayin. I think maybe she's the one who lucked out!!

ravenh1979 13

Agreed!! I would have thought that was cute and sweet!! :)

Honestly, 69, I agree. I never officially "proposed" to my fiancée, we just talked about it, and realized it was going to happen. I'm still going to have an awesome event for when I actually give her the ring, but she already knows it's coming, just not how. And 67, yeah, it's not about feminism, I was just making a comparison about a double standard that I feel exists. I'm not trying to start a flame war, arguing with people over the internet is pretty pointless. I was just trying to use it as an example. Sorry if it was taken the wrong way...

Hopefully she left the ring at least. Those things are pricey!

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Sinkhole 26

90 - Maybe they also don't take you to watch those movies because you yell at the screen? That has to be really annoying.

imtooshy 18

I think it was a very cute way to purpose. Personally, I woulda loved it and been counting the minutes for him to get home but to each their own I guess.

The best part of your speech (and it was very good) was the fact that you used the word humdrum

Wow... reading this comment section has made me realize there's some sad sad people on here

I personally wouldn't want to be proposed to like that - I'd infinitely prefer something face to face. However, her just up and leaving like that was a bit off, it sounds like she has serious commitment issues. I'd suggest talking to her if possible to find out why she reacted the way she did, as it may be something you can both work through. If not - hey, at least you tried!

42- People like you make me not want to live on this planet anymore...

42: I would think that the way he proposed was really sweet...

Yeah... People like you are what's wrong these days.

I don't even have an engagement ring, we just set a date and went for it. My wedding day was amazing and I couldn't be happier.

fishstick557 14

If he waited another day then it wouldn't be the anniversary

Yep all them feminists are going to be going off at this but here is a bit they should understand but probably won't. if they would stay home like they should do unemployment would be down America would still be a super power and children would be better behaved. History is proof of that. Just look back a few decades ago and you'll see what I mean. And we wouldn't be trying to change other countries way of dealing with their women. Nuff said. Now lets hear it.

In my opinion it's the two year thing that was too soon. I mean I had talked to my boyfriend of three years about it and we both thought it was better to either wait or have a long engagement.

#42 I actually think it's quite sweet. Just because you wouldn't like that, doesn't mean someone else wouldn't. No need to be nasty to the poor guy. She's the one in the wrong not him.

That's crushing. Sorry to hear that, OP.

Oh my god, please accept my sincerest condolences. I hope you find a real keeper.

Something tells me you didn't talk it over with her. Imo, a proposal shouldn't come as a complete surprise.

A proposal should be a surprise. When I was proposed to, it was a complete surprise. The fact that this girl left shows she wasn't ready for it but she should have at least talked to the boyfriend about it.

A conversation along the lines of "how do you feel about marriage?" could have prevented this whole FML. It could be that she wanted to wait, but panicked.

I agree with Allie2590, a proposal shouldn't be a complete surprise. I suppose everyone is different, but I can't imagine being in a relationship where we hadn't talked about where we wanted the relationship to go. Two years is plenty of time to have discussed what you want out of the relationship! Having said that, OP's (ex?) girlfriend could have thought she wanted marriage, but been surprisingly overwhelmed and uncomfortable with it once it was actually on the table.

DirtySalamander 9

they were living together, that's a sign!

I'm surprised Allie's getting thumbed down. Considering 98% FMLs containing the word "proposal" end up exactly as this one did, you'd think the FML community would have recognized what a bad idea proposing totally out of the blue is.

That just an assumption. We don't know if they talked about it or not. But after two years together and living together, she should have handled it better regardless.

I'm half and half on this one. I think they should have spoken about marriage as in both said they want it but it can still be a surprise. Honestly, my boyfriend knows I want to marry him and he wants to marry me but if he proposed to me now it would 100% be a surprise as I'm not expecting it for at least another two or three years!

Xanadara 5

I agree. You have to make sure you are both ready before you pop such a big question. Also, OP should have asked in person, because there is a lot more respect shown that way. I'm truly sorry that she left, but she probably just got really scared from you suddenly wanting a huge commitment without talking it over first. Hopefully you can contact her and talk things over.

Maybe she was just overwhelmed and panicked?

Atleast you won't be wasting your time with her anymore....? Still, FYL.

If you're enjoying the time that you're spending with a certain person it's not wasted time.

From a woman's prospective the clock is always ticking.

so sorry OP, hope you'll find someone that deserves you soon. x

Infamous_Tora 12

I guess a more polite, "I don't think we are working out," is too much nowadays. Let alone after a nice way of proposing.

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He tried to be romantic and sweet.. its not like he threw the ring at her and didn't even make an effort..

Next time take the day off and propose in person?....

afallingstar 22

That's what I'm thinking...a proposal should be done in person. It would have more meaning...but then again my ex proposed by asking "how would you feel if I told you I didn't want to be boyfriend and girlfriend anymore?" Memorable sure, for a different reason.

If, after two years of happily living together girl breaks up/runs away just because the dude that bought her a ring could not propose in person for some reason, she has issues and might not be worth marrying. No wonder some people prefer to live together without marrying. Just think about it. 1 mistake against 730 days spent together. If for her that was more important than entire time they spent together, OP will be better off finding another girl.

9- I'm surprised you were the first to mention the absentee proposal. While, I wouldn't have packed and left, I would have been pissed that such a pivotal moment in my life wasn't up close and personal. Next to the wedding, I'd say that the proposal would be the happiest moment in any woman's life.

FML_14u2c 14

Yeah, he could've proposed AFTER WORK...

CharresBarkrey 15

76 - That's a bit ridiculous. A proposal/engagement is one of the biggest moments in someone's life, especially a girl's. If OP can't be man enough to do it in person, maybe HE'S not worth marrying in her eyes. I mean really, he leaves a ring for her to find whenever she wakes up? That's about the least romantic you can get. While I agree that the way she left was a bit rude, she has every right to leave him for proposing this way. I for one would be VERY angry if someone I was with for 2 years proposed to me this way.

monnanon 13

132 i disagree. as a woman and a married one at that i can state that proposals and engagements mean nothing. all you are doing is living life as before but with a ring on and a shitload of organising to do for a marriage which also means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

I guess I'm the only one... but I think this is such a cute proposal. Waking up to a romantic letter and ring, plus waiting to see him later would be so exciting!

SaltyLurker 10

No I agree. It's kind of cute

76 - It says 2 years since the MET, not since they moved in together. We don't know how long they've been living together, it could be over a year or less than a month. And the fact that he couldn't make 20 minutes that day to propose in person doesn't make him seem like a good husband. Who would want to marry a man who is never around?

Do you really need to take a day off work to propose to someone? What would you expect to do the whole day before/after asking the question?

132, This kind of naive/overly romantic thinking implies that if proposal itself is more important than a partner, so if a random stranger proposes to a girl in extremely grandiose way, she will definitely say yes (by your logic, anyway). There is no "happily ever after". After marriage there's still 50% chance that the couple will divorce, so marriage/proposal itself is not an end, but a beginning of a long road where couple are supposed to support, understand, tolerate and deal with each other every day. Everyone messes up once in a while, and if the girl can't forgive one slip-up, their marriage won't last. Ring costs a lot (USA has a fine tradition of presenting ridiculously expensive diamond ring, and it is a gamble), and if a guy proposes, then I'd expect he is ready to pay for the part of wedding as well. If a woman doesn't get it, then perhaps she'll be better off waiting for some kind of "prince" forever.

Hopefully she'll come back but it might have been smarter to propose in person.

Exactly! The dude was an idiot. It's all on him. That was an FML for the girl.