By nV1ous - 17/09/2009 18:41 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I went to a bar during Irishfest. When I returned to my girlfriend she was crying and told me that this guy pushed her. I confronted the guy and poured my beer on him who just happened to be the chief of police. He was trying to make room for a guy in a wheelchair. FML
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Uh... Is your girlfriend really that sensitive? Who the hell cries because someone moved them out of the way? YDI for having a pussy as a girlfriend.

You and your girlfriend are both at fault. She, for being a crybaby drunk, and you for being a hothead drunk. Take some anger management classes.


I just made my username today..first! Thumbs down?? Hehe

green day is amazing.

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double agreed

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In Soviet Russia, police push you!

stop doing your stupid russia jokes they arent funny and stop commenting on the first post to get to the top

YDI for committing a party foul

what the fuck is irishfest?... im irish and ive never heard of it!

Agreed with #95 :/

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yeah, I agree with #95... then again Americans make a way bigger deal out of st patrick's day than we do, so them having another thing wouldn't surprise me :P you live in Colorado...that background looks very familiar

No offence to the americans but when i was in new york i was asked did i know a persons friend called "Patrick" who lived in cork. Ireland isn't 2 meters long!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not his fault, the policeman could've politely asked her to make room for the man, not push her aside like she was nothing. I think OP is a good person for standing up for his girlfriend.

You got completely owned!!!

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Totally, serves you right for having a temper tantrum when your girlfriend obviously needs to take a pill, a cop wouldn't have "pushed" her, he probably just bumped her. I get moved out of the way constantly at crowded skytrain stations when a person in a wheel chair needs to get in.

A cop wouldn't have pushed her? I want to know where you live, where all the cops are pure and just and never are corrupt or abuse their power. However, in this world, cops beat people up, make false arrests, harass people, etc... for no reason other than to stroke their own egos.

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Someone's been watching too many crime noirs.

No, but I have had a friend that rolls his own cigarettes arrested for drug paraphernalia because he had, among other things, completely legal rolling paper (and rolling tobacco, which the cop conveniently ignored) and a small mirror in a walmart bag inside of his car when the cop pulled him over for doing 37 in a 35.

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RuralNinja... you watch too many shitty crime shows. Where I live, if a Cop puts a hand on you without just cause, they get fired and you can sue. If you do in fact live in a fantasy world where Cops can do whatever they want and reign supreme, I suggest moving. OMG THE MAN IS OUT TO GET YOU!

The guy didn't know this man was a cop, or making room for a man in a wheelchair. I would have done something similar if someone pushed my girlfriend enough to make her cry.

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Your girlfriend's fault IMO.

Maybe if she wasn't such a whiny bitch this whole even could have been avoided.

It's OP's fault too. Just because someone pushed his gf (unless it was really hard and she got hurt) doesn't mean you get to pour your beer on them. You're not the untouchable King that everyone has to respect and worship. Sometimes accidents happen. Deal with it.

FIRST!! Bury Me Bitches!

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Damn. I had on just as this was put up and was perfectly prepared to get the first post, but alas, I wasn't signed in. .. oh, wait a minute. I don't really care. Anyways.. YDI.

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This is so fake

Ticket #1: Wasting beer Ticket #2: Aw, who cares, the rest are just misdemeanors.

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That's true, alcohol abuse :o