By ujellybro234 - United States - Brown City
Today, I found out that my girlfriend has been having an affair with my childhood bully. FML
ujellybro234 tells us more :
Hey OP here and wow didnt think this would pass! To all those people saying I should have stood up for myself earlier in my childhood I have one question. How was I, a 5'8'', 120 pound boy, supposed to fight off the 6 foot 200 pound lineman on our football team? Think before you comment. I wouldn't stand a chance.
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  Tripartita  |  44

It sounds like the plot to the world's lamest time travel movie. "I have to go back in time and convince myself to kick my school bully's ass so he'll lose his confidence and not sleep with my present-day girlfriend."

  sjewel  |  9

I don't know why you have so many negitive likes. I think your right. you have to stand up to the bullies If you don't it just gives them the ego power trip they feed off of.

  MrSassypants  |  32

He's getting negative likes because sometimes you can't always take a stand. Sometimes bullies can be so threatening, violent, or tough violent you can't fight back. The best thing is to get help from somebody else who can deal with bullies, but even then it's hard because bullies sometimes make you afraid to even tell because they're assholes who think "snitches get stitches" is some sort of motto to live by.

  mikuxxhatsune  |  31

#51 Nah I will always stand for own opinion and what is right but if a 6"11 angry and muscled man is charging at me, a young 5" female teenager, I'm not going to last a few minutes in that fight

  sanchogrim  |  18

Lol no you just have to have the guts to hit them, trust me if you hit them it will shock them that you fought back. And as a result they will stop bullying you, or you could give them a taste of their own medicine.

  yenze  |  18

@80 you've been watching to many movies chances are if you hit a bully back they wont go into shock, they'll beat the crap out of you because they are mad someone hit them
@1 so much wrong with your comment such as: violence isn't always the answer, as a kid i am sure op wasn't thinking man if i kick his ass now he wont sleep with my future gf, and your advice is pointless caption hindsight.
@OP regardless if she's having an affair with your childhood bully or a complete stranger it sounds like you can do better then her.

  Mortoli  |  30

agreed mr pants im lucky enough to where i was too scary and tall to be bullied by the punks in school and i always tried to look out for the little guys when i noticed it or someone asked for help. my best friend growin up was bullied a lot and i used to be one of the jerks that did it but i realized my error and decided enough was enough so instead i befriended him and now were pretty good friends though i havent talked to him in a while. still he didnt have as many hardships he had before i became his friend so it was all good. and i got a cool friend who is a lot like me. lol

  cheeeksss  |  29

Wins what? A cheating, disloyal, slutty (ex) girlfriend? Yes. A total win. In my eyes OP, he did you a favor. He took away someone from you who wasn't even worth your time. And now you can move on and find a better partner.

By  WCARlover  |  34

I hope you're one of those people that took being bullied as motivation to bulk up and can beat the crap out of him now. But not before you dump your girlfriend, of course!

  ImmortalSyn  |  17

14- most of the time violence isn't the answer. But I was bullied in school then I finally stood up to the guy and kicked his ass because teachers wouldn't do shit. From that point on he was too afraid to mess with me. Sometimes you have to fight back.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

If OP physically assaults this guy. OP gets arrested and they bang in ops bed until he gets bailed out. Then OP would have no girlfriend, and a violent criminal record. Why not truly get revenge, let him keep her.

  Kevin5475845  |  15

just get a good grip on the balls and squeeze lightly while asking for lunch money. let the tension build up a little and squeeze as hard as you can and take the lunch money yourself


Cheating, to me, can be on any level within a relationship
Whether they are boyfriend and girlfriend, fiancés, or married

Why? Because you agreed to be with that person only, unless you both explicitly stated and agreed upon something that states otherwise

But everyone has different opinions

  countryb_cth  |  38

Usually an affair means that it's a long period of time as in months or years with one specific person. While cheating is usually a one time thing or only happened a couple times or envoled a few times with different people.