FML - The follow-up
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Hi guys! (Sort of) OP here. This isn't actually exactly what happened, because someone copied my original FML, altered it slightly and the resubmitted it as their own. When I say "altered it slightly", I mean they changed 18 months to two years, and left out the part about his brother dying as well, apart from that, it's basically word for word identical. It was credited to me after I noticed and reported it. He did say that he'd be willing to reconsider after some time apart, but I su
By songbird062 - / Saturday 1 June 2013 16:14 / - Cambridge
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Please punch him! Just reading this breaks my heart. I'm sorry, OP. I'm sure you're a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. I hope you find someone who will respect and love you more than that douche of an ex.

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