By empress gleskizor the third of glarkon - Hungary - Budapest
Today, I was eating an onion bagel and bit down on something hard. At first I thought was a really hard piece of onion. The "onion" turned out to be a tooth, and it wasn't one of mine. FML
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  devinaww  |  15

I think I wouldn't care that I bit something something hard when I discover that it's a freaking tooth
"Is there a dead body ground up in here!?"


I know this is completely random but I just wanted to share a story that happened to me because why the hell not. I was at a restaurant and I bit into a roll and there was a large chunk of plastic that literally looked like a piece someone's retainer. It was so disgusting but I never told anyone because I hate complaining. In hindsight I should have sued, I wonder how much money I would have received.

  cupcakebruh  |  21

@53, I once bit into a piece of pumpkin pie, that I had bought in my high school's cafeteria, and it had a piece of glass in it... I know public school food isn't the best, but I'm pretty sure my pie shouldn't have glass in it..

  cheeeksss  |  29

I see both sides. However, I would rather bite another tooth than loose one myself. That's just me though.
OP I would complain to wherever you got that nasty bagel from.