By Anonymous - United States - Houston
Today, I was driving home. I desperately needed the bathroom, so I was speeding a little bit. A cop pulled me over and gave me hell. He said he'd heard my story a hundred times and didn't believe me. I couldn't hold it and ended up marinating in my own piss while he ran my plates. FML
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  tantanpanda  |  26

State troopers are assholes in Texas, or maybe cops in most areas are lenient. They will stop you if you're even 1mph over the speed limit. In Houston, you can go 9mph above the speed limit and they won't do anything.


Buahahahaha, that's terrible #14!! But so funny ahaha. "No worries. You'll end up with a bullet to the knee before getting a ticket."

On a serious and sad note, that's very very possible nowadays...

  KaidensCrow  |  18

indecent exposure is a nice fat go straight to jail card, do not pass go. do not collect $200. in some places he'd probably get hit with extra charges just for the he'll of it.

  pooldude  |  24

People who generalise a whole community of people, based on actions of a few can be such an asshole, don't you think? And no i am not even remotely related to any cop