By chiahuahualove - 05/02/2014 14:26 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I logged into my bank account and started crying. Not because of the balance, but because the password is my anniversary with my ex, and it's the only reminder I have of happy days in my life. FML
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chiahuahualove tells us more.

Hey there OP here! Firstly thank you to the lovely people with kind messages ! Secondly here's the full story... that password is only needed to log into my bank on a computer, since I always use my phone that wasn't needed for months and completely forgot about it ... Until I needed it. So hence why I haven't changed it ... I didn't need it for 3 months! To those "Lovely keyboard warriors" ( sarcasm) Let me remind you, you are on FML, a space for laughter and face palming ... Not a self help website and your "Advice" isn't requested nor needed Thanks again too all you lovelies ! It's hard when you thought you would marry him and then need to realign your life with current reality... Peace and love OP

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I'm sorry! You'll find someone else who will make you happy. Out with the old, in with the new :)

emirie 21

Why don't you change the password?


I'm sorry! You'll find someone else who will make you happy. Out with the old, in with the new :)

thejewishfuhrer 17

And in the meantime change the password!

juan3611 14

*In Sam's voice* I can fix that.

"Goodbye clouds of grey, hello skies of blue"

Lol HSM reference xD

LuciferInfernos 1

From "Holes" really?

I went through same things few days ago. But I assure you things will get better. Time. Time is good :)

colton_colton 49

Time is the best way to get over anything :)

My ex used that line on me. I never though it would help but it did. I hope things can get better for you OP the future is always brighter! :)

emirie 21

Why don't you change the password?

colton_colton 49

Because getting over an ex can be extremly hard...

It's like trying to erase something that used to make you happy

I don't think changing her password is gonna be the end of the world and seriously there will be others, even if this one didn't work out another guy will sweep you off your feet and won't smudge your mascara OP. You're gonna have to get through this to get to the next and a password is the least of your worries

and maybe pick a password that is a concrete thing, like your birthday or an old address.

Using your birthday as a password is a bad idea. Using it as a banking password is a VERY bad idea.

Ali_Br_fml 33

Bad for op, good for identity thieves.

so is using an address lol just a lil joke ppl

It's not his birthday it's his anniversary.

I really hate when people say "It's just a joke" when they get thumbed down. Either you seriously suck with sarcasm/jokes or you are trying to save your ass. Just take the thumbs down and move on.

buttcramp 21

I also think OP should change the password.. it's not healthy to dwell. OP wouldn't be erasing the ex, it's just a password, guys. If it's making you sad, the password becomes "more than just a password." so I'd do something about it, OP.

fmlnjd2013 15

That wouldnt make for a good fml story...

Just change your password and be done with it. Crying over it doesn't solve anything.

m22100 14

Sounds like you're not over him... Good luck OP.

iLike2Teabag 27

Which is why it's time to stock up on those cats, OP, or futurecatlady.

What does OP mean??

ChristianH39 30

Original poster

That's sad, and you can take that to the bank.

I don't think that will get much interest lol

I see what you did there..

There will be more happy days in the future OP! Keep your chin up and smile!

Sadly you couldn't bank on him.

This is what FML comments should be...

OP here .... I bow down to you sir Pun master

They are an ex for a reason, remember that. And you will find someone who will make you feel that way again.

True, but if OP was the one dumped it hurts not knowing what that reason was.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

every relationship has it's ups and downs so saying she will find someone who will never make her feel like that again is untrue. every relationship goes through trials and both get hurt but as long as theyre both willing to work it out is what makes a relationship strong.

Uh... change your password perhaps...

Oh don't worry op you'll find someone who'll care about you