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By thanksbro - 20/09/2010 19:26 - United States

Today, I grabbed a handful of crackers from the kitchen, only to find it crawling with bugs. Apparently, my brother had made the same discovery earlier, but put the box of crackers back in the cupboard anyway. FML
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Let me guess, it's still in the cupboard, waiting for its next victim?

RachelHellYeah 0

that's totally something I would do!


DudeImBetter 0

At least you didn't eat it, this is a stupid fml.

tweetbaby14 18

whatever happened to good old fashioned animal crackers?

BahahahLOL 0

New Cockroach Crunch Crackers!

KiddNYC1O 20

17's pic made me laugh so much. poor kid though lol

DudeImBetter 0

At least you didn't eat moldy crackers that were more than a year and a half old.

zp5 4

^^ yes yes buggy crackers are as ba as moldy donuts

chaldochamp3 6

I'm guessing u ate moldy crackers that were more than a year and a half old

KingDingALing 9

Man, I'm constantly looking at the expiration date on the food I eat. I would never eat food or drink something that's even just a day past it's expiration date.

yeahreally 6

sounds like something my brother would do too but then again i would put the box on his bed lol

ur brother wouldn't get a chance with ur fat ass eating them before he could even have gotten to them

You sound like me, I would put it on my brother's bed too. & ROFL @ the fat ass comment.

YDI for even SAYING "crackers", you racist son of a bitch! And how the hell do you have a box of white people in the cupboard, anyway? Also, YDI for having a brother, for having a kitchen, and for not eating the bugs for the extra protein. I'd ask for them if I was still an anteater, but I changed into a giraffe a few months back.

I think all brothers do those type of things, just to annoy us. I agree with #3 put them in his bed, but under the covers by his feet.

Biancaisbizarre 0

You look a lot like Julia Stiles, BoCo.

BoyBeyond 0

Your brother is a dipshit. He could of threw the damn crackers out man. Honestly he sounds like the type he leave empty wrappers on the floor and room dirty as shit. I'm sort of a clean freak when it comes to the kitchen and stuff i don't like nasty people.

this sounds like my bro! such an ass!

Cates500 0

u should change ur picture ur not even ripped