By Very_Bad_Luck - United States
Today, I was having a serious discussion with my girlfriend of 11 months. I broke the news that I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and I needed her support through my treatments. Ten minutes after, I receive a text saying that she can't endure the pain and stress that I'm causing her, and that we're done. FML
Very_Bad_Luck tells us more :
Hi. I'm deciding to comment on my own FML to truly thank the people who wish me luck and keep me in their prayers. If you wish to learn more check out my profile. Thanks!!
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  StingMunFizzy  |  0

I'd like to kick the shit out of #1. Fuck you she should be supportive and less selfish.

Oh you're the one with the real issue but you're just killing me inside so I'm gonna go ahead and leave you, making it worse.

FUCK HER, and fuck you. I hope that bitch dies.

  stacianichole  |  2

WHATEVER, my (now ex) FIANCÉ couldn't handle my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis which at the time was serious but not severe. It's not about the amount of time, it's the strength of the person and relationship.

  Maycontainnuts  |  17

I really don't get how this is unfair of the girlfriend. That's a long - term relationship and all OP asked for was some support in a time that must be terrifying for him! If someone you care about is in trouble you put aside you're own problems and help them, that's how it works.

Also does anyone know if OP is ok now? I hope so, good luck OP if you're still fighting.

  BussellRishop  |  0

Yeah, it's hilarious.

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I guess if that little bitch doesn't want to help her boyfriend of 11 months through treatment of cancer, best to get rid of her now.

By  emoboi16  |  0

that really sux man... my step dad wazdiagnosed with cancer earlier this year and even though he didnt make it through there wasnt a single person that gave up... i feel really bad for you... but she obviously wasnt the right one for u... but i really hope u make it through... and i would try to make that little bitch cry

By  judgeymcjudge  |  0

Well, dude, I gotta be honest: If she wasn't willing/able to support you through this, she's not the one for you anyway. To be fair, it couldn't be easy for her, either (no, it's not 'all about her', but neither is it an easy thing to see someone through) and if you can't cope, you just can't cope. It sucks but it's how it goes. Really, though, the reality is that if you *really* love someone, there's pretty much nothing you won't support them through, and she just wasn't in it.
FYL, mate. Best of luck, hope everything turns out well and that you have other people (who really love you) to support you through this shitty time.