By younggirl101 - Canada - Kamloops
Today, I found out that if you wake your 7-year old sister up by plugging her nose, you'll wake up the next morning, taped down and unable to move as she pours ice water on you. FML
Awkward beyond belief tells us more :
Hey guys, just a quick follow up. Turns out she had help from my dad who grew up with four brothers that had huge pranking wars. I'm going to stop it at this. No more pranking. And I agree. She should've got this on tape then I could give you guys the link and prove I did the ice bucket challenge. (Sort of) thanks!
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  brand125  |  17

Am i the only one who finds it really weird she plugged her sisters nose while she was asleep? If i woke up to not being able to breath i wouldnt be too happy.

although taping her up is also messed up..

  Vitotaylor36  |  13

When it comes to prank wars, you HAVE to one-up the other person. Bet OP won't be doing anything like that every again. I saw YFDI and little sis wins the war.

  marcus369  |  9

I DONT LIKE YOUR STEREOTYPES!!! OMG I'm so sorry for yelling at you, i hope i didnt hurt your feelings. but honestly, thats actually how we are, we dont say sorry after every bad thing we do

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Personally, I absolutely love our stereotype! We're stereotyped as nice people that apologize all the time and treat others as we want to be treated. I also love how that stereotype is true for the majority of Canadians. Much better than any other stereotype.


I'm not even mad. Also #87 You need to chill out, like go outside. I am Canadian and I don't really give a shit about our stereotypes. You agree? eh?
(P.S sorry for swearing)

By  blazerman_fml  |  17

I think you better end this feud here..Revenge is not an option.A 7 year old who knows how to tape you down?Just think of all the possibilities other than ice water.Nope not walking down that road.

  euphoricness  |  28

I don't think so, maybe if she poured boiling hot ramen noodles on him while gauging out his eye sockets and then feeding them to her pet iguanas, then yes - she would be Satan

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

I've universally found that when people announce they'd do something like "that", they're actually the sort of person who likes people to think they would, yet never, ever does.