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Today, I asked my boyfriend if he'd rather play the new Assassin's Creed game or have a night of sex with me. He started crying from indecision. FML
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man, decisions... decisions.. lol fyl

In sex, can you get a pet best? I didn't think so. But you can in Assassins Creed

I know eh? I'd probably break down crying too. I need a life.

It's probably a better idea to choose the sex, because at least AC3 won't have had a goddamned mood swing and changed its mind the next night.

He probably knows "a night of sex" just means 3-5minutes anyways...

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That 3-5 minutes is entirely up to him though..

And the faster he finishes, the sooner he gets back to video games

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Think of the possibilities. What if OP and her boyfriend have sex every other day, and he just got Assassins Creed yesterday or today as part of black Friday. IMO, just give it a day or two. The game won't last forever, then he can be yours again i

Seriously, if she just stuck her hand down his pants it wouldn't be such a difficult decision.

That's what you get for expecting him to make a choice that's just not fair.

Lol tell that to my boyfriend when I'm playing Assassin's Creed III.

O.o your boyfriend is a lucky man. *forever available*

At least he was considering you.. Not just chose the game

I'd pick sex in a second the new assassins creed sucks


He's not mature enough for sex. Let him go play his little video game

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Because it's a trick question. Anyone that gives an ultimatum like that, is looking for a power trip to see if he'll choose her over a game (that she probably know has him at full attention). He's already dammed for not picking her right away. Poor little mouse enduring his wheel.

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My boyfriend and I play video games together and when we're done we enjoy our time together ;) but honestly he sucks at most videogames so it's more of him trying, giving up and handing the controller over :P

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51 - Your name fits perfectly for that comment.

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Thank you, 46, for that enlightening comment. Because now I want a taco. Gosh dangit.

60 sounds like a ******* wonderful girlfriend.

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60 - DITTO!! Lol shame on this GF who would dare make her BF choose a brand new game over her!! Seriously?!? Game for 3-4 hrs, sexy time for 15 mins, game for 3-4 hrs!!! Really, that's what I would've done. My hubby knows when I get a new game, I'll be occupied, so he can wait his turn. Lol. Usually we're in separate rooms, playing our games, talking over XBL. When it's time for lovin', a simple "let's ****" comment is all that's needed. Pause the game, get our groove on, then back to assassinating bitches!! :D OP, you should be ashamed of yourself. Next thing you know she'll be making him choose watching the game over taking her to the mall. Poor BF!!!

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147. I agree its the same with my husband.

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Why is it so hard to find women like 147 & 60 where I live?*cries*

I think it's mostly normal now for gamer guys to have gamer girlfriends. I mean, my bf and I have been together 8 years. We shoot zombies on the Xbox (I always get the shotgun...) we have sex, then we make our 9pm raid for Mists of Pandaria. I raid lead and he's my tank. I think now couples are closer and have more quality time together because of that option of sharing the same likes. And if I don't like his preference in game, I'll play for a bit to appease him, (yes I will try my best and not do it half assed.. That's just stupid) and he compromises and plays my RPG's. No big deal. Women like OP are the type to complain that they aren't getting enough attention. Their man is spending too much time on his game and doesn't listen to her while he plays. Boohoo. He probably plays for two/three hours a day, and sometimes it does take concentration! Nobody can give or have someone's constant attention. Also; I hope OP's bf picked the game. Especially if it was new and he just got it that day. She should know how it is to wait to have something, excitement building, then finally obtain it. You want to play with the damn thing!

The way I read the FML, OP just asked him how he wanted to spend the night - a night of sex or a night of gaming. Apparently she wanted more than just a quickie before he got back to gaming. That would also explain why they couldn't do both ^^

I would just start moving down on him and then he wouldn't really have a choice!

Easy: have sex first, then go game. It gives you time to regenerate for more sex after games. My husband and I do it all the time. We even break for quickies sometimes. Just the perks of the gamer relationship.

Bwuahaha 147, you need to meet my brother xD he would appreciate your logic lmao way to be a ******* boss(;

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Here's a solution... give him both!

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Not his fault Conner is a complete badass!

As a gamer I feel like I should point out that I don't see how this would be possible. It's either sex first and no cuddle time which would leave her unhappy (or him in my case), sex while playing, which would NOT happen, gotta focus on dem video games, or sex after and she would probably fall asleep before he was done playing for the night. Therefore, I don't think both would be a choice.

What about after the girl falls asleep? Sex, cuddle, play. ---> Man Sex, cuddle, sleep. ---> Woman I think it's a fair deal.

I don't know man... This is a taping one considering my girlfriend would fight me over who gets to play.

Doggy style so he can play while during sex, he'll be concentrating on the game so may even last longer than normal! :)

2 & 3 both covered this already. Maybe next time.

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Yea as i was typing it 2&3 weren't posted yet so maybe next time mind your own business. Thanks.

The sass is only flowing over a little bit.

Lol "mind your own business" ... Honey, once you post something on a public website, it becomes everyone's business. You sound absolutely childish in this comment. Grow up please.

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And your profile makes you sound like a loser.

Raycj stop being a douche and go sit in the corner.

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Your comments make you sound like a jerk

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76- you're only 17, maybe you should grow up first before talking smack. If you're under 21, you haven't lived long enough to say things like "grow up" when you're a baby yourself. I realize I sound like an ass, but, as long my point gets across, that's all that matters, enjoy the fml battle royal

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Wow that's just a little too obsessive, I'm a gamer myself but if those options presented themselves the game would remain unused.

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With an attitude like that, I'd be willing to bet you can't get one either.

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ttyler333 I'll just have to let my fiance know about my failure to get a girl, she may be concerned, thanks for pointing out this personal failure that was just obviously spot on.

18, are you daft? Didn't you learn to read? He said if an support unity like this arose the GAME would go unused. Thus meaning he would choose the sex. Please. A little wisdom, and a little less making me want to find a different planet to live on.

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In all honesty, rushing through the trees with the ease of a nightstalker and deliver the end of my tomahawk to the awaiting head of a redcoat to save my country could just as easily bring me to arousal and ****** as sex.

Or perhaps he's not as desperate for sex?...

The new assassins creed is awesome but sex would be better

He started crying over deciding whether to have sex or play a video game? Go get yourself a real man!

Doesn't matter what game it is. Time with your girlfriend should come first... I guess I'm the only one who thinks that :/

14 video game obsessed losers thumbed you down.

#31 - Yes, you are the only person who thinks relationships come before gaming. Out of 7 billion people, the only one. And I totally wasn't joking. *pzzzt* Don't take me seriously.

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Personally, women who make a men choice between them and a video game are not women, they are little girls. There is no reason what so ever to make your significant other give up their hobby because you're feeling jealous you're not getting all their attention. As long as your boyfriend is spending quality time with you, there is NO reason to force them to choose between the two. Of course, OP could have given him sex THEN let him play his game; a win win situation for all!

Sometimes video games beat sex if your just not in the mood haha, but at the same time ya fyl

57- I don't think she wanted him to give up video games, she just wanted to spend time with him. If I wanted to do something with my boyfriend, I know he'd put down his controller for cuddles any time.

Yeah he wasn't putting the game first ... She was trying to play her own game of manipulating the poor guy, either way the game got chosen over the relationship the moment she made that statement video games are at least up front about being games she wasn't ;)

32) What's wrong with playing video games? ACIII has a fantastic story line and graphics. I'd play it myself if my boyfriend hadn't ruined the ending for me...

Guys, I seriously doubt OP expected her given choices to be a huge dilemma for her boyfriend, because any well adjusted person who loves his girlfriend would immediately choose his girlfriend over a video game with no thought. Given his reaction, he likely DOES neglect his girlfriend because he's addicted to a video game, which may be why she gave him a choice to either spend time with her OR play his video game. Had she let him have a both, I bet he would have ignored her all night while playing the game, and sex would either not happen at all, or be rushed, lacking in passion, tragically unsatisfying, and followed by him ignoring her while he plays his video game the rest of the night. And, yes, I do indeed speak from personal experience. I dumped the loser. OP's boyfriend better get his priorities straight or he will likely find himself single.

81) There's absolutely nothing wrong with video games. I enjoy them myself. I, however, don't neglect my boyfriend or any of my other human relationships in favor of them. What's wrong is when people become addicted to them, or anything else for that matter, so that they miss out on real relationships and experiences. A choice between spending time with your girlfriend and playing a video game should be no choice at all. People should always come first in your life.

149, read my subsequent comment. I never said that he should never have time to himself or play video games. His reaction here just tells me that he's overly obsessed with this game. A reasonable reaction, if he wanted to play his game, would be, "Do you think you could come over in a few hours? I just got this game and I'm really excited to play it!" If she thought that was unreasonable, then yes, she would be the one with issues.

I think you are making it a big deal. I don't care if my boyfriend chooses video games (probably cause I play with him) but I'm not gonna get upset about it and I'm not gonna make him choose. If he wants alone time he will make it clear and if he just wants time to play then let him. Now if he spends to much time playing just talk to him about it and he should understand.

You know, just because he couldn't decide doesn't mean he didn't want to spend time with his girlfriend. I bet if she asked, she could play Assassin's Creed with him.

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It wouldn't be an easy choice if the option was like halo or call of duty, or a mid-tier game, but assassins creed? That's a no-brainer.

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Says the person with a MLP picture...

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