By ko. - 03/01/2015 17:53

Today, my boyfriend told me he'd come over and help me move a heavy dresser so I could paint the wall behind it. After an hour of waiting for him, I decided to move it myself. He finally arrived, not ten minutes after I broke my toe when I accidentally dropped the dresser on it. FML
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19990231 29

Why didn't you at least call him?

Should've waited


Should've waited

Agreed! Patience is toetally a virtue in this case. OP should be thankful it was only her toe and she didn't put her back out while trying to move a heavy dresser

Exactly. Now you gotta walk around with a broken toe.

littleteapot 21


Exactly! Or give someone else a call.


Well. Family Vacation to the hospital!

19990231 29

Why didn't you at least call him?

DontClickOnMe 28

Ouch, that's so painful. I feel like you should've been more patient though and if he told you he was going to be there at a certain time, you could've called him to see why he was running late instead of trying to do it yourself. I hope you get better soon, though.

Family Vacation to the hospital!

Sorry OP..That is very unfortunate. But on the contrary, Be prepared...he is going to make it upto you in a way which will bring you great joy ;)

He shouldn't have to. It's not his fault, even if he was late.

You deserved this OP. Wait for your man.

cdawg69 10

feminist response: I don't need no man!

I wonder if there will be any moronic ``Dump his ass`` comments on here..

Well, technically there's yours.

Sorry OP but I think you should have waited or at least called or texted him.

you could have just waited. I know sometimes you want things done NOW to get it over with, but sometimes it's totally not worth it. good luck with that toe.