By anonymous - United States - Bellefontaine
Today, I met up with my dad for the first time in 7 years. We planned to go to a nice restaurant but he changed the place we were going to, to Chuck E. Cheese. I'm 18 years old. I waited an hour for him to show up. I then ended up babysitting his daughter the whole time. FML
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By  amelitaliz  |  22

At least you tried! I'm sorry OP. That's terrible. I hope at least the daughter was fun!


I hate this site in the fact that the only posts you see are spineless pussies. If it were me I'd tell my estranged dad to fuck off for another couple of years, and then ditch his bastard child in the ball pit. Not my damn problem.

By  revolvearoundme  |  15

Damn least you had skeeball while you waited. My dad did something very similar with me and my sister (minus Chuck E Cheese). Long story short assume he's exactly the person you saw him for today not the person you want him to be because you'll just be disappointed and hurt.

By  niallo  |  23

At least you got to meet your sister. I don't foresee you ever having a relationship with your father, but maybe you can have one with your sister. This is where you get to decide. Give her a good memory of you.